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ZB(中币-ZB.com) is an established digital asset trading platform that has been operating safely and stably for 8 years, providing digital asset trading services such as BTC (Bitcoin), LTC (Litecoin), ETH (Ethereum), EOS (EOS.IO), etc. It has served more than 10 million users worldwide in 8 years and is your trusted one-stop digital asset trading platform.

Real-time market: 7x24 hours real-time trading market, professional K-line chart to help you control the trend
Spot trading: trading anytime and anywhere, swiping the screen left and right to switch the interface, trading transactions are more efficient
Margin Trading: Added automatic currency borrowing function, no need for cumbersome manual borrowing of currency, free switching of long and short transactions
Fiat currency transaction: one-click buy/optional transaction, online chat between transaction parties, fast and convenient fund access
Community group chat: Not only can you interact with the big guys in the circle, you can also receive red envelopes and get unexpected surprises

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版本 5.5.8

1. Fixed the problems reported by users and optimize the user experience.


5.0(滿分 5 分)
2 則評分

2 則評分

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