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You may delay, but time will not. – Benjamin Franklin

AT is a timeline widget. Using the AT's timeline graphs, you can quickly figure out how much time is left on your deadlines.

Using AT's widget, quickly check out how many days are remaining till your next big test, figure out how many months are remaining till your next event or even keep track of how many years till your 10 year anniversary.

Take advantage of our time management reminder using AT!

You can pick cute characters to add your own AT timeline.

If you are student, try to add a semester AT.

AT’s widget is supported from iOS 8

- Press & hold AT to change AT order.
- Swipe AT to the left to delete.
- Press character to change count mode.

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- Pro upgrade

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版本 2.3.10

- Minor bug fixed


4.7(滿分 5 分)
948 則評分

948 則評分

Zu viel zu lernen;(

Quite intuitive

However it would be nice to have some “sort by” functions. Manually ordering the events everytime is a bit annoying. Or maybe just make the nearest coming deadline at the first row by default. This should be more reasonable.

warm ocean

App crash

After I add an old event in 2013, the app keep crash. I have to choice but to remove and install again. However, if I restore the purchase, the app crashes again. Can’t open it any more! Please check the issue. Thanks.


Sync bugs with iPhone and iPad

When I modify events in iPhone and close the app, then open the app in iPad. The event I just modify is not changed. Moreover, when I open the app in iPhone again(ipad app still open), the version of the event in iPhone will go back to old version which is same as ipad. It seems the app cannot distinguish which one is the latest version

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