iPhone 截圖


This app is intended to provide groundwork and supports and to show that any user can participate, be familiar with, and be in the frontiers of Cryptocurrency revolution. Through this platform, all coins rewarded will be free based on the outcome of your efforts. What you can or you have achieved, as compared to other users, and how to achieve, will be always transparent and can be checked through app menu.

No purchase is required and there is no deposit button.

You can even play the jogging music without registration until you are ready.

Jogging Activity and J-Point Rewards

The app always starts with Jogging up to 10 minutes or until anytime the STOP button is tapped. Only after that, a user can access the other menu. A user is only allowed to log in again 3 more times a day.

After jogging you will be rewarded with J-Points which is amplified by 3 power factors (corresponding to the user's efforts in referring new users, supporting the coins or their networks.) All your efforts are shown in a glance in the jogging screen.

Be engaged by becoming a Diligent User

Diligent User status is attained by having at least 2 days of jogging of 1 minute or more and 100 or more steps/day in 5 consecutive days. This is the status where you can either start using J-Points to play Lotto or transfer J-Points to one of the other users every 30 days. Being less engaged, you can still access any other function of app anytime.

Please note that these Cryptocurrencies are not Bitcoin but they are just like Bitcoin and mining is not required It is up to users to make it more popular than Bitcoin, if possible. They can be traded and exchanged into Bitcoin, other coins or fiat currencies.

See Info links: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ySF756g2AlAv6FNgxV7U4PRIwhIlUcYYa_jNxy81Dh0/edit?usp=sharing

App 隱私權

開發者「KINGCHEN LLC」指出此 App 的隱私權實務可能包含以下資料處理方式。 如需更多資訊,請參閱:開發者的隱私權政策


開發者不會從這個 App 收集任何資料。



  • 家人共享

    啟用「家人共享」,即可讓最多六名家庭成員使用此 App。