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Bittwatt Trading is the first trading platform in the world that uses blockchain technology and allows energy trading.

The main features of the platform incorporate Energy Exchange, multiple types of Trading, as well as the traditional characteristics of a trading platform.

The app enables 5 different types of transactions: Instant Payment, Virtual POS, Exchange, Withdraw and Deposit.

-Through Instant Payment you can choose to pay for products/services of all companies that support our application, in any available currency that you have in your wallets. The exchange of your currency is made automatically by our App!
-With Virtual POS you can choose to request a payment in any accepted currency, whether you act as a single user or as a merchant that wants to collect a payment from its customers.
-If you just want to change your currency you can use the Exchange function to convert currencies fast and efficient.
-Nevertheless you can use the Withdraw function to transfer your funds to your personal wallet or you can use Deposit to transfer tokens from your personal wallet to the app.

The platform comes with remarkable design as well as a friendly interface that makes it a real game-changer for the commerciants.

We are all aware of the fact that commerciants use energy for creating, promoting and selling their products/services. Taking this into consideration, our platform offers them the possibility to accept energy as a form of payment, through BWT, helping them thus pay for their own utilities.

Beside the possibility of doing multiple types of trading or processing payments for a large number of suppliers, Bittwatt Trading also offers different ways to make profit within the app. There are 3 ways for the users to receive earnings through our application:
-bringing commerciants to Bittwatt Trading,
-creating a pool or
-bringing referrals to the platform.

1. Commercial and Bittwatt Loyalty Program
An important and effective way to earn profit on Bittwatt Trading is bringing in commerciants. Referring a business to be listed on our platform that concludes with a positive result can lead to substantial rewards.
The Bittwatt Loyalty Program splits into 2 categories:
a. Company Loyalty Program
Every customer that uses BWT as a form of payment has a discount. Through this program, a percentage of that discount goes to the company.
b. Customer Loyalty Program
Take your bonus as a customer! Through this program, you will be rewarded for every BWT payment you have done throughout the year. The reward is received at the end of the year.

2. Pool
On Bittwatt trading, you have the possibility to offer some of your BWT tokens to create or join an existing pool. You will not lose any of the tokens, they will just be untradable for you in this period of time and used as liquidity for the transactions that take place in that specific pool. Rewards are generated for any type of transaction within the pool, such as energy trading, crypto trading, exchange, payment or virtual POS.

3. Referral
Bringing new users to the platform can help you reduce transaction fees or even get rid of them completely – applicable for all 5 types of transactions enabled by the Bittwatt App or Trading module. As soon as you’ve registered on the platform and completed KYC, you are able to bring referrals. The referral bonus will be available once the referred user completes the first transaction on Bittwatt Trading. The 2 ways through which you can send referral requests are via e-mail or SMS.

Bittwatt Pte Ltd is solely responsible for finalizing any transaction executed on the platform.

Trade smart and earn profit with Bittwatt Trading!

Developed by Codemelt

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