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Your patient journey is unique. Want a forecast tailored to YOUR experience of asthma? The DailyBreath Forecast provides a rich understanding of how the weather and the environment around you potentially impacts YOUR asthma. DailyBreath is a personal allergy and asthma learning and warning service for allergy and asthma sufferers based on their experience of triggers in daily life.

Your journey is unique, but it is also a shared journey with so many others like you who experience allergies or asthma. Wouldn't you like to know when you head outdoors where in your community others are experiencing symptoms? With the Community Flare-Up Map, and community features on the horizon like a Friends module and a Discussion Board, you'll feel united in a common effort to reduce the asthma burden.

With DailyBreath, start your journey towards less symptoms, less attacks, less burden, and overall, a better quality of life. Perhaps with DailyBreath, we can help even one life breathe easier today.

DISCLAIMER: The content on the DailyBreath mobile app ("DailyBreath Services") provides useful information intended for educational purposes only and does not constitute professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek advice from a qualified healthcare provider regarding any medical concerns. If you think you have a medical emergency, call your doctor or emergency assistance immediately. Reliance on any information provided by DailyBreath is solely at your own risk.

NOTE: If you know someone who has severe allergies or asthma, please SHARE the DailyBreath app using the Share icon on the DailyBreath Forecast Pop-Up, on the DailyBreath Community Flare-Up Map, or invite them from your Friends List once you've connected to your Smartphone contacts.

DAILYBREATH PLUS - Available as an In-App Purchase, DailyBreath Plus includes features and functionality that starts to customize and personalize your use of DailyBreath in your asthma journey. They include;
--the disabling of ads.
--the ability to Favorite YOUR frequently visited locations,
--a Table View of YOUR last 5 flare-ups (accessible via your Last 5 Flare-Ups Map) that helps you detect trends in the prevailing factors associated with your symptoms,
--multiple options throughout your day for scheduled notifications to check your DailyBreath Forecast, and
--automatic reminders prompting you to take your allergy medicines or asthma medications,

DailyBreath Plus is an upgrade that will require a .99 annual renewable subscription.

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版本 3.5.2

This version update includes necessary bug fixes.


DailyBreath Plus
DailyBreath Plus
DailyBreath Plus-Custom and Personal for YOU!
DailyBreath SHOW
DailyBreath SHOW
DailyBreath SHOW - Track Wildfire Smoke!

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