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DearBuds is an ear-care device. Though DearBuds may resemble your typical wireless earbuds, it is not an audio device.
This smart device removes moisture, sweat, and water from your ear in less than 3 minutes, optimizing the humidity of your ear canal.
DearBuds’ technology far surpasses that of a hair dryer or fan. That’s because DearBuds uses air ventilation technology to dehumidify your ears.
When air is delicately circulated in the ear, there is little ear irritation. Rest assured that you won’t feel any fan discomfort while you’re using DearBuds.

Plus, our exclusive DearBuds app lets you monitor the condition of your ears in real-time.
With DearBuds, you can select the mode that best matches your condition to properly adjust the humidity in your ears.
From the app, you can select between smart and manual modes.
Smart mode uses data from both the ambient environment AND your ears for smarter humidity control.
When the manual mode ends in the optimum humidity section, some humidity may be restored naturally by sweating. In smart mode, Humidity Rebound is prevented and optimum humidity is maintained.
Select the earphone icon for gentle dehumidification. Select the shower or exercise icons for stronger, long-lasting dehumidification.
Select the mode that best fits your situation! (Duration may vary based on user environment.)

Dehumidifying metrics are recorded and analyzed in the DearBuds app.
But DearBuds doesn’t just measure your ear humidity. DearBuds also factors in the local humidity and temperature, so it can provide just the right level of humidity for your unique circumstances.
Records of Smart Mode dehumidifying are used as learning model, so DearBuds can better provide the best ear humidity and temperature levels for you and your environment.

When you select manual mode, you can set the intensity to whatever level you like.
Dual Mode will let you connect 2 different DearBuds SE for humidity and temperature relief and measurement in both ears at the same time.


版本 1.1.2

1) Immediately enter device update mode with manual firmware update button.
2) Fixed bugs and glitches.

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