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If you want to reclaim tens of gigabytes of your storage used for various Xcode caches - this tool is for you!

Xcode could store tens of gigabytes in ~/Library/Developer folder. Most of those cached files & symbols are not reclaimed over time and could consume a large amount of your storage, which is especially important if you have relatively small SSD drive.

DevCleaner gives you an easy way to inspect auto-generated files and clean them if necessary. It could also remind you about scan after a while.

It includes command line tool that allows you to include cleaning in your scripts.


版本 2.3.1

This update brings following improvements & fixes:

- Improvements on acquiring rights to "Developer" folder which may fix the issue for some people
- Improvements for sorting device support files, now it taking build version into account, which should help sorting out OS beta versions
- "Size" column in main window should be a little bit wider by default
- UI Previews section is removed unfortunately, due to changes how they're stored, making them unavailable to delete without "admin" permissions (not available from app sandbox), they may return in the future though!
- System icons updated (in Device Support section)
- Checking for Xcode instance running, just in case as DevCleaner may cause strange issues when cleaning if Xcode is open
- Help window is no longer blinking for a second in dark mode


4.9(滿分 5 分)
435 則評分

435 則評分

Sherlore Chao

Work perfect!

It worked perfect. And unlike other clean tool, DevCleaner gives unlimited amount on cleaning files with this free edition. It is a wonderful tool that every XCode developer would love.



So good. Save my computer space!


Excellent tool

Excellent tool for tight storage

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