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DM24.8 is a kind of APP program similar to 20.4Live,T20i Its operation object is the second generation digital mixer product which is researched and developed independently by SEIKAKU, and it controls the device through the way of network connection with iPad. Its main function is as the followings:
-24 microphone preamplifiers with dedicated trim control 24
-24 line-level inputs
-8 Aux sends(4 Analog aux sends and 4 internal aux sends)
-8subgroups and stereo main outs
- All channels Control Room output
-24 headphone output
-USB record/play in main channel
-100mm sliding electric fader
-touchable color LCD display
-24-bit/48KHz sampling rate
-Program, save, load & copy functions
-Digital gate
-Digital compressor
-Digital 4-band full parametric EQ
-Phase reverse
-Time delay
-Scenes with digital fader and aux position reference
-12 DCA for Digital Control Audio Amplifier or MUTE
-Remote Control: Ethernet or USB,
-Expand socket for option module:  Multi-track USB audio recording module (USB Audio Module or 32in/32 out Digital )

* iPad with iOS9.0 or above.
* a wireless router.
* DM24.8 Device (for control)


版本 1.3.3

Fixed digitalout page display problem.

App 隱私權

開發者「SEIKAKU」指出 App 的隱私權實務可能包含下方描述的資料處理。如需更多資訊,請參閱開發者的隱私權政策


開發者不會從這個 App 收集任何資料。



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