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Enny TOEIC -Quick Toeic exam preparation for beginners.
Enny TOEIC - A free Toeic English preparation learning app for anyone who is studying Toeic. Enny will help you get the highest score in the Toeic exam.
You can prepare for Toeic at home, save 80% of time and money and still be able to get Toeic 450+.
Enny TOEIC allows you to practice Toeic tests from basic to advanced starting from Toeic 450+ to Toeic 800+ with experienced instructors.
What Enny provides is fully detailed and complete, from theory to exercises, with answers and explanations. Enny's tests are diverse, numerous and fullest currently. You can also review Toeic Offline by downloading the previous lessons, So convenient !!!
You will be able to take the sample tests like the actual Toeic tests including:
- Mini Test: Practise halves of questions from real Toeic tests.
- Full Test: Simulate a complete exam. With 20 copyright tests from Englishshop.net. The practice tests are for free!!
In addition to Toeic practice tests, the app also provides features that help you get the best results in Toeic listening and reading.
- More than 70 video lectures provide lesson and tactics tips for each section. Explain the content and include the exercises.
- Practice listening to Toeic and doing exercises from Part 1 - Part 7 to help you master each type of lesson.
- Collection of 600 essential vocabularies in Toeic practice, each vocabulary has audio, full example. Toeic preparation method is smart, interesting, easy to remember, not boring.
- Grammar in Toeic exam: 3000 selected grammar exercises, with detailed explanations to avoid grammatical errors in Toeic exam
- Exciting Q&A community to support you anytime, anywhere when it comes to Toeic preparation.
A free Toeic English learning app that you can't ignore, download and experience today!
Enny is looking forward to your comments on this Toeic app. We will improve our app the best way to help you master Toeic test easily.
Wish you all learn English well and have the best Toeic test results!


版本 1.5.4

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