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Focus Taiwan’s free news app is the top source of English-language coverage of all things Taiwan, from breaking news to politics, business, technology, sports, culture and much more.

The updated app maintains a similar look to the Focus Taiwan website, but also has a "Media" section, which includes a playlist of the latest 30 news stories in audio and video formats.

In addition to scrolling up and down to read articles and lists of news headlines, mobile device users can also swipe right or left to browse different news categories and articles.

The updated app allows users to bookmark articles and videos in the new "My Stories" feature which can be found in the "Menu" section.

Users will be able to choose the font size and layout of the page to suit their reading habits from the "Menu" section and are welcome to leave reviews or contact Focus Taiwan with feedback.

Focus Taiwan would like to hear from you! Send us your feedback at app_feature@cna.com.tw and help shape our future updates.


版本 2.7

1. fix video playback bug.
2. prompt and ask ATTracking.


4.8(滿分 5 分)
542 則評分

542 則評分


The Voice of Taiwan

I enjoy reading the news on your new app. It keeps me updated on the latest news coverage taking place in Taiwan and around the globe.


Video screen loading repeatedly

Thanks for creating this app, I enjoy it and use it daily but thought I could share my experience if it can help improve it. Every time I open a story from notifications or from the app it loads an empty video in full screen that I have to close each time to go back to the story.


Suddenly crash

I cannot open this app. Every time I open it that crashes. So plz help mend this trouble. Thx a lot.

App 隱私權

開發者「The Central News Agency」指出 App 的隱私權實務可能包含下方描述的資料處理。如需更多資訊,請參閱開發者的隱私權政策


以下資料可能用於在其他公司的 App 和網站上追蹤您:

  • 位置
  • 使用者內容
  • 識別碼
  • 使用狀況資料
  • 診斷



  • 位置
  • 使用者內容
  • 識別碼
  • 使用狀況資料
  • 診斷



  • 家人共享

    啟用「家人共享」,即可讓最多六名家庭成員使用此 App。