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Using a small scanner device that's paired with an app on your iPhone, the solution organizes and keeps track of any items while on the go. The GearEye app prevents loss and misplacement of valuable items by alerting users if a piece of equipment goes missing, helping them locate it using RFID and GPS technology. It uses super-thin RFID stickers that are easily tagged onto items. It's a professional's best friend, a complete gear-management solution. The stickers are super affordable to put them on everything, and they don't run on batteries.
Your gear is your toolset. Stop risking your livelihood every day at work. Let your mind focus on the work, let GearEye focus on the gear.
Just place the GearEye Scanner in your bag, suitcase, or backpack. The best place for it is close to the edge of the bag, like a side pocket or our personal favorite, hooked onto the bag's zipper.
Hit "Scan" on the app - GearEye says it's all there? You're good to go.
If the GearEye app tells you something's missing, take the Gear Scanner out and scan again and move while gently waving it and hovering with it above the places where your item might be hidden. You will hear the guiding sounds directing you to the actual item's location, like in the Hot & Cold game.

• Loss prevention – monitors the important equipment, periodically or on-demand, and alerts about missing items.
• Headcount - detects dozens of tags in a second. You'll always know what's with you, stop carrying around extra stuff.
• Long-lasting RFID tags – the tags require no battery support and will last as long as your gear does.
• Lightweight and compact - the device is easy to tuck in a bag and carry around
• Extended reach- successfully detects equipment in up to 2 meters range
• Cost-effective and super-affordable - compared to RTLS and other RFID commercial solutions
• Easy to use- requires no tech know-how to set up and use
• Scalable- GearEye provides installation support to SMEs and large organizations

The solution serves the best on-the-go professionals, SMEs, and freelancers with expensive equipment.

GearEye is for any professional or individual who regularly carries costly equipment around, preventing equipment loss and damages and reducing the logistics time of planning, organizing, and keeping track of gear items. GearEye effectively acts as an insurance policy for all that expensive gear while you are on the go.


版本 1.2.8

Inventory screen minor changes, backup/restore fixes

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開發者「GearEye」指出 App 的隱私權實務可能包含下方描述的資料處理。如需更多資訊,請參閱開發者的隱私權政策



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