Halide Mark II - Pro Camera 4+

RAW, Manual and Macro Capture

Lux Optics Incorporated

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Halide為Macworld「必須程式」,The Verge「喜愛程式」及The Sweet Setup之「最佳iPhone第三方相機程式」。Daring Fireball「這種對細節的瘋狂專注應獲讚賞。」


這是一款創新的應用程式,攝影極度細緻周全。 憑藉高端工具及為最新iPhone從頭特製,受專業相機啟發的精美版面,Halide是你真正想拍下完美照片時的首選相機。

Halide可手動改變曝光及手動對焦。 以及一掃一轉輕易切換強大自動模式或手動模式。 Halide的專業工具為程式商店中最強,具XDR(延伸動態焦距)14位元RAW串流波動顯示、色彩斑馬、峰值焦點、詳細直方圖、寸鏡、自動調節水平格線聚焦助手、手動深度捕捉及RAW支援。*自定控制以調整工具以適合你的所需。


- 單手可用,美觀、基於手動控制設計的界面
- 以iPhone XR及iPhone SE拍攝寵物及物件
- 手動聚焦,及聚焦寸鏡、峰值焦點等強大工具
- Halide智能RAW之智能自動模式,最佳化的設定含RAW檔機械學習以降低噪值及提升細節
- 全面手動曝光控制,包括快門速度,ISO及白平衡
- iPhone最佳曝光工具:詳細直方圖、14位元RAW串流波動顯示、色彩斑馬紋
- 擷取RAW、TIFF、HEIC及JPG以拍得最佳照片
- 內置水平格線版面
- 強大DNG、JPG、HEIC及動態照片檢視器,內含詳盡後設資料顯示
- 即時RAW沖曬程序以一按快速沖曬
- 技術資料詳讀以檢視你的iPhone相機硬件詳情
- 蘋果手錶伴隨程式以供遙距拍攝
- 支援Siri捷徑以遙距啟動快門或以自動/手動模式開啟Halide
- 全覆蓋強大新功能:以最強智能HDR處理深度融合圖像及智能HDR於小間隔內拍攝兩張照片
- 於程式內參與全面攝影課程以提昇攝影技巧,如10天快速教程
- 私隱保障設計:Halide不含任何追蹤、第三方圖庫、且永不收集資料/圖片及永不傳輸任何資訊。Halide亦包括減低Facebook等公司擷取程式分享相片地點資訊之功能。


iPhone 11及11 Pro之超廣角相機不支援RAW或手動對焦。
波動顯示需iPhone 8或以上(8、X、XS、XR、SE2、11、11 Pro)
深度擷取需iPhone 7 Plus、8 Plus、X、XS、XR、11、11 Pro、或SE2



版本 2.14.5

This update includes stability improvements and bug fixes. OK boss, I just copy pasted the generic release notes in the box on the website we're good to go. Oops, did I type that in here? Wrong window.

Hello, Halide family! We noticed a bug that affected RAW capture for the 2× lens on some iPhones. If you previously saw some behavior there that prevented you from taking RAW shots, try again now. If you have any other issues, don't hesitate to reach out to support@lux.camera. In the meantime, we're also hard at work on... a new app that complements Halide exceptionally well. Follow the journey on our social media channels if you're interested!

To recap our last big update...


Hello Halide users! Halide 2.14 is here, and it’s an appropriate Winter update. For those of you that know macOS history, you can see Halide 2.14 as a ‘Snow Leopard’ update — while there’s no big feature changes that are visible, the actual app is significantly faster, more reliable, and better.


In addition to our Zero Shutter Lag feature that reduces delay of capturing a shot to near-zero, we now save those photos faster than ever. In the past, if you took certain types of photos that take seconds to process (we’re looking at you 48 megapixel photos), then if you kept hitting the capture button, your iPhone would get overwhelmed and stop letting you take more photos. Not fun.

With deferred processing, your iPhone now waits to finish processing your photos until you’ve given it a few seconds to rest and take a breath. This helps prevent you from missing that one perfect shot!


Sometimes our image reviewer would load slowly right after taking a photo. This is frustrating when you want to check on your shot — a thing most of us do on a regular basis. Thanks to some serious engineering work by Ben, the reviewer can now show images nearly instantly — and even shows a pre-processed image before the processing has completed. It even has a snazzy processing indicator so you can see your image is being ‘worked on’ by the system before it is ready.

A fun note: this review revamp is so fast that we had to add an artificial delay to test the new processing indicator. It’s really very quick. It is our best photo reviewer yet, and we think you are going to love it.


Oops, this is starting to look like far too substantial a release note. Does anyone even read these? (if you do, leave us a review on the App Store! it really helps out.) Time for the generic boilerplate:

Thanks for using Halide! We update our app regularly to make it better for you. This update includes:

- Performance improvements for smoother and faster experience.
- Bug fixes to ensure a more reliable app.
- Minor enhancements to improve usability.

We hope your 2024 is off to a great start. We know we have an exciting year planned for Halide!


4.0(滿分 5 分)
262 則評分

262 則評分


Expensive yet well designed

Halide is a quite expensive app no matter subscription or one-time purchase. However, it's well designed with responsive and easy-to-use user interface. I personally use it all the time with Lightroom app to produce high quality photos.

One thing that is lacking would be support for external strobe lights. Profoto's camera app is, well, usable. But Halide provides far more superior experience IMHO.



Everything is great. It’s easy to adjust everything you like(except aperture of course). VR is cool, however I can’t find timer in the setting menu. Can you add this function into next vision(1sec, 3 sec, 10sec)? And VR shouldn’t be just show the effect, maybe you’d consider to add screenshot button or combine the VR photo into the surrounding scenery.


My favourite raw camera app

The easy-to-use interface makes raw shooting a breeze, with the help of shortcuts I can activate the auto and manual mode by twice and triple back tapping according to the shooting circumstances. Love the zebra pattern and brightness histogram to avoid under/overexposure. Best raw shooting camera app!

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