Invisigun Reloaded 9+

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The ultimate stealth battle adventure where everyone’s invisible.

Risk versus reward guides your journey through the full-length single player campaign and local/online multiplayer. Vigilance is key as environmental tells such as footprints and other disturbances will point out careless cadets. A massive amount of lovingly-made environments, maps, modes, and abilities – all obsessively balanced – combine for high replayability and a deep path to mastery.

• Single Player Campaigns
Challenge yourself in the Hero’s Journey: individually tailored hero campaigns filled with puzzle rooms, skill challenges, and boss fights. The unique abilities have entire journeys built specifically to teach you to properly use that hero’s playstyle – all while the art of stealth and mastery of movement becomes second-nature.

• Battle Local & Online
Once you’ve honed your skills in the Hero’s Journey and defeated all of your friends, you’ll want to challenge the world! Online matchmaking, crossplay with PC, Mac, Linux, and Nintendo Switch™, and public or private matches with join keys allow you to find a foe anytime, anywhere.

• Choose your Main
With 12 different heroes – each with their own unique ability – there is a perfect strategy for every playstyle. From meticulously sneaky to ruthlessly aggressive, find your favorite ability and shock your friends when you appear out of thin air and surprise them!

• Competitive, Deep Hide and Seek
Count your steps to find the perfect hiding spot, wait for your foes to reveal themselves, then pounce! While counter-intuitive at first, invisibility becomes your most versatile tool, leading to intense moments of complete silence. Invisigun’s core mechanics reward patience, forethought, trickery, and awareness.

• Easy to Learn, Tough to Master
The depth is nearly unlimited with intentional baits, undetectable direction changes, powerup drops, and accidental bumps (that may not be so accidental). The chess dance is infinite and evolving, and all of the deceit is only heightened by the fact that your opponents could be lurking ANYWHERE!


版本 1.8.9

- Fixed loss of control when online matches begin.
- Fixed instant replays not... replaying.

- Hotfix for loss of control when joining online lobbies.

• New localization: Russian

• GAME: Performance optimizations
• GAME: Faster startup
• UI: Adjusted some button target visuals for clarity
• UI: Much improved UI performance in online lobbies
• UI: Warning when time-based modes are almost over is more clear
• JOURNEY: Aether's boss shows shields on all body segments instead of just the head
• JOURNEY: Regen shield time on Carmen stage 6 increased from 0.5s to 0.75s

• UI: Fixed letterboxing shadows in middle of screen
• UI: Localization corrections
• UI: Fixed some text labels' display in Japanese
• UI: Fixed offset scrolling positions in options menus
• UI: Possible fix for blank interface elements (sanity checks when data loading on startup)
• INPUT: Fixed some instances where control would be lost
• NET: Fix for some disconnection cases when returning to the lobby after a match
• NET: Fixed degrading network performance as a match progresses
• NET: Fixed online stuttering and hitches after the first round
• NET: Fixed incorrect shot style being set on clients
• NET: Fixed freezing that can occur in Zone Control and Carrier modes
• NET: More accurate framerate-independent timers for online modes
• GFX: Fixed Selene's jump shadow showing in the wrong location for 1 frame
• GFX: Fixed Phoebe instantly showing at her teleport destination for 1 frame
• IRIS: Fixed being able to dash over Djaan-Khe's traps
• EPI: Fixed not triggering footstep effects if activating ability midway to the next tile
• DJAAN-KHE: Fixed not triggering footstep effects if activating ability midway to the next tile


4.3(滿分 5 分)
10 則評分

10 則評分



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