iSeismometer 4+

ObjectGraph LLC

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iSeismometer for Mac serves as the perfect companion to the iSeismometer iOS app, enhancing educational experiences by providing a comprehensive platform to view and analyze seismic data. Designed for educators, students, and earthquake enthusiasts, this app enriches learning about seismic activities with detailed, accessible visualizations.

Key Features:

- iOS Integration: Connect seamlessly with your iPhone or iPad via Bonjour networking. This feature allows you to visualize accelerometer data from iOS devices in real-time, directly on your Mac, enriching classroom demonstrations and personal studies.
- Live Earthquake Updates: Keep up-to-date with recent seismic activities through a live feed of USGS data. Each earthquake is presented on an interactive map, providing key details such as magnitude, location, and time, which are crucial for educational analysis.
- Interactive Maps: Engage with an intuitive mapping interface to explore global seismic events. This feature is ideal for teaching geographical impact analysis and understanding the distribution of earthquakes worldwide.

iSeismometer for Mac is designed to complement the mobile experience, providing a broader, more detailed view of data collected on your iOS devices. It's an invaluable tool for anyone seeking to enhance their knowledge and educational outreach in the field of seismology.

App 隱私權

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