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iSlideRuleHD is a fully configurable sliderule app supporting multiplication, sines, tangents, cosines, cotangents, roots, squares, logarithms, and hyperbolics.

There are 80 different scales in iSlideRuleHD, including scales that support dimensional analysis. From the scales provided, 15 can be selected for the top and bottom rules, as well as the slide, in groups of 5 scales each. Double-tapping each rule selects the next group of 5 within the application. A two-finger pan left or right on the center slide allows viewing either the left or right index of the body.

The application supports all orientations, rotating the slide rule to take full advantage of the display, and has 11 color schemes to customize your slide rule to your favorite color. A single-finger swipe on the cursor up or down dynamically changes the color scheme.


版本 3.0.0

Updated errors in the integrated help documents. Updated app to provide better support of latest iOS versions, as well as newer device models.

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