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mCamView is the innovative software for viewing the video of plug n play IP Cameras on iPhone/iPod touch/iPad. No public IP address is needed for the IP camera, no port mapping or DDNS is needed for router configuration. It is simply enough to just key in the ID/password of the IP camera to see the video from your iPhone/iPod touch anywhere, anytime. Besides the live video viewing, remote video settings update, on-screen pan/tilt control, audio, snapshot, finger-zooming, video recording and playback are also supported.
Push notification is supported as well to get you notified immediately if anything abnormal is happened.


版本 1.6.8

Fixed sound interruption issue


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1 則評分


This is what I want

I bought the Cam2Life plug n play IP camera 3 months ago. After pluging the camera into my home router, I immediately saw the video through the accompanied software. What really surprised me was that when I went to the office next day, I could view the video remotely by typing the ID/password of the camera. I didn't even need to know the IP address of the camera. It’s pretty amazing.
I am a fan of the iPhone. These days I found out that there is a iPhone software for my camera, so, I gave it a try. The application is just so easy to use on the iPhone, I can immediately view the video of the camera by the ID/password. I can access the video through WiFi or 3G, even when I am in the car, the video is quite smooth. I can also pan/tilt the camera video by moving my finger on the screen, the pan/tilt delay is about 1~2 seconds on 3G.
Yesterday, I saw my wife and little baby playing in the garden when I was on my way home and that makes me feel that my hard-working everyday worth of it.
I'm not a technique guy and I can easily use the softwar and the camera, so,I recommend this software. .




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