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Miro is the online whiteboard for team collaboration. With the magic of Miro, visualizing concepts, ideas, and solutions as a team can happen anywhere — no dry erase markers needed. With Miro’s online whiteboard, teams can sync, flow, and feel the connection of working side by side — even in remote, distributed, and hybrid work environments.

Miro’s whiteboard app for iPad and iPhone gives you the tools to collaborate with boards that put projects and context all in one place.

Our customers love using Miro’s online whiteboard to:
• Run online meetings and team workshops
• Brainstorm new ideas and designs on a limitless whiteboard
• Edit, annotate and mark up documents and PDFs
• Take digital notes with an Apple Pencil (and reduce paper use!)
• Easily collect resources, photos, docs, links, and references
• Plan and manage agile workflows and scrum rituals
• Create user journeys, map processes, and develop personas
• Teach online classes, replacing the classroom blackboard with an online whiteboard
• Create a vision board of ideas and inspiration

Miro’s whiteboard app allows you to create anytime, anywhere. With over 200+ pre-made templates, a drag-and-drop interface, and no limit on collaborators, working on our whiteboard is fast and fun.

With Miro’s whiteboard mobile app, you can:
• Scan paper post-it notes and convert them into editable digital notes
• Create, view, and edit all your boards
• Capture and organize your ideas on the go
• Share boards publicly or invite team members to edit
• Upload images, pictures, docs, spreadsheets, and more
• Share boards and invite team members to edit
• Review, add and resolve comments

On tablets, you can also use Miro’s whiteboard to:
• Draw concepts and sketch new design ideas with an Apple Pencil
• Convert pencil or stylus drawings into shapes, notes, and diagrams
• Set up your tablet as the second screen with Zoom or Microsoft Teams
Create Mind Maps to visualize your ideas
• Use Lasso to select and move sketches, drawings, or text anywhere on the whiteboard
• Use Highlighter to capture the attention of your team during a meeting

Get in touch:
If you enjoy using Miro’s online whiteboard for collaboration, please leave us a review. If something’s not working right or if you have a question or comment, get in touch with us using this form: https://help.miro.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?referer=store


版本 3.23.29

A side-effect of collaboration is looking for ways to get better. So we’ve taken time to fix bugs and make a few small improvements.


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148 則評分


Plz support exporting as PDF/picture formats

Really love how Miro help to free our minds and generate ideas while using iPad on numerous projects. However, it’s such a pity that we’re still unable to insert these mind mapping projects into other reports...

Hopefully, the function will be available in the near future.

And finally, thank you for creating such an amazing tools and keep on the exceptional work!


Thank you for the feedback provided!

The good news is we already have the feature of exporting in the mobile app **_in our backlog_**. Although we can't share any ETA at the moment, we'll definitely keep everyone updated on our progress and let know if we get a chance to bring this to life.


little advice

If iPad have the function of export as image will be better


Thank you for sharing your feedback!

Exporting boards is available on the Tablet/ Desktop versions of Miro, however, the Mobile app is in limited functionality yet. Feel free to export your boards by accessing Miro with your computer or tablet. Sorry for all inconveniences caused.

hope u can fix this, thanks!

Can’t safe Chinese content in sticky notes.

Don’t know why but just can’t safe my typing after inputting Chinese, for english or numbers it still works fine.


Hi there! Thank you for sharing your feedback and reporting the issue! Could you please contact us through this form bit.ly/3sk3Q9f and provide additional details on the case? We'll be sure to investigate it further! Thank you!

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