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Photo Art is a software for iPhone lock screen wallpaper production, free to DIY your iPhone wallpaper, simple operation, simple interface, fresh, just a few seconds you can make beautiful wallpaper, give you a different phone Screensaver wallpaper, for you to present the most amazing iPhone wallpaper, creative.

The operation is simple and beautiful creative wallpaper can be generated with one click.
* You can make your favorite pictures into beautiful lock screen wallpapers and desktop wallpapers;
* No need to worry about lock screen wallpaper blocked by time control;
* Adjustable background picture, color, size, ambiguity and so on.

If you select a photo and you find that it does not respond to the photo or the photo turns black, this is usually caused by the user deleting the cache of the Gallery/Album software. The solution is as follows:
* In the phone gallery/album software interface, click to view each photo, the phone will automatically load photo information, and generate a cache;
* If it is still displayed in black, it is recommended that the user restarts the mobile phone. Normally, restarting and entering the gallery/album will restore normal status.

[Adjust the wallpaper]
You may need to zoom in or out to fit your phone screen when setting wallpapers.


版本 1.3

Photo Art is a software for lock screen wallpaper for iPhone. You can DIY your iPhone wallpaper at will, the operation is simple, the interface is simple and fresh, you can make beautiful wallpapers in just a few seconds, give you different mobile phones. Screensaver wallpaper, the most amazing iPhone wallpaper for you, creative.
new version update:
# Add more than 100 featured wallpapers
# Optimize overall performance and enhance user experience;
# Optimize your vision and make your app more refined.


4.8(滿分 5 分)
30 則評分

30 則評分


霞 王
51.5 MB

系統需求:iOS 9.0 或以上版本。相容裝置:iPhone、iPad、iPod touch。


簡體中文, 英語



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