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"Pocket Dragonest" is a mobile service application software that is specially designed for players to customize the character record, battle data simulation, lineup simulation, professional analysis tools, player community forum, and peripheral entertainment content. .

Features include:
Official news - easy to know the latest news, update news, surrounding news, discover new things;
Player community - discuss game anecdotes with all the chess players, share your feelings, and get close contact with the official R&D team;
Game Tools - Provide lineup simulator, the most complete game database, all the pieces of detailed information in one hand;
Game record - game character record query, professional analysis tools, help you easily rush to the queen;
Entertainment video - all the authors, anchors talented, Raiders dry goods, funny ghost video content for you to watch;
Game events - event content integration services, providing live events, event information, event interactions and other exciting content;
More exciting, all in "Pocket Dragonest"!

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版本 1.3.0


1.Added vote function in Community Moment
2.Private chat function with followed friends
3.Game and community assets management function
4.Check-in and level-up system
5.Push notifications for new messages
6.Quick mode history can be viewed in match records
7.New Pandaman emoji!


1.Added Duora option when posting in Community Moment
2.Added chess pieces value for both sides in Combat Simulator
3.Writer's information will be displayed on top of compositions.


3.7(滿分 5 分)
3 則評分

3 則評分

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