iPhone 截圖


The best measure mate with Precaster Laser Distance Meter, included two tools inside -
Measure Camera and Target Camera. Both make your measurement more smooth and smarter !!

With Measure Cam, you could transfer all the measures into phone through Bluetooth, you could edit, mark lines and make sound clip,
Taking video and text note to help you and your friend more understandable your ideas.

With Target Cam, an ideal APP and clamp turns your Precaster Laser distance Meter in to a ultimate Set Out and Estimation tool.
Step 1. Setup the target with laser dot in short distance.
Step 2. Click on application you need.
Step 3. Follow the instruction to measure distance and also taking pictures.
Step 4. Take final pictures with the whole environment.
Also you could share with your friends, co-workers, colleagues, designers and everyone you want with Email and any IM you prefer.

1. Mark lines on your photo, simply mark out your measurements
2. Transfer measurements from LDM to your phone through Bluetooth and drag and drop the numbers on your line directly.
3. Record text note, taking a sound clip and a video to help explain ideas.
4. Export images to phone and saved a sound clip, a video and text in a second.
5. All in one images with saved measurements and with environment picture.
6. Share the results with your friends, co-workers, colleagues through Email or any IM you like.
7. Work with Precaster Laser Distance Meter


版本 1.05

This app has been updated by Apple to use the latest Apple signing certificate.

What's new in the latest version.
* Bug fixes.
* Auto-reconnect to last used/connected device.
* Rectangular & Cubic marks now available.
* You can drag distances into Rectangular & Cubic to calculate the Area & Volume.
* Scale function - a faster way to finish estimation, measure one distance and transfer for all the other lines in the same image.


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4 則評分

4 則評分

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