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PTZ View Assist
Control up to four cameras with your Wireless Touch Screen

How does it work?
1. Download the PTZ View Assist app
2. Go to the menu and set up an auto search for the camera in the same network.
3. Make sure you have set up your camera to the same network
4. Press the scan button from the camera scan or press the manual for an advanced setting.
5. You should start to control your cameras now.

Wireless Touch Screen Camera Control
Easy camera control over Wi-Fi, with the smartphone and tablet interface, you can control your camera anytime and anywhere for a nice camera control design.

Live View is the Key with Low Latency
You will not need an additional monitor to see the live video from your camera. The PTZ View Assist provides you the immediate live video via RTSP and SRT.

Broadcast Quality Wi-Fi Camera with your cost-effective price.
Control pan, tilt and zoom with a joystick for your PTC-140, PTC-280, PTC-285, PTC-300 and PTC-305 series with your iOS now.

The Auto Tracking function frees up your live video productions
The PTZ View Assist app allows users to effortlessly control Datavideo tracking series like PTC-285 and PTC-305 series. This feature ensures that the camera automatically follows a moving subject, making it perfect for live events and productions where a person or object is in motion.

Various control functions
With the multi-touch interface, you can not only pan, tilt and zoom with variable speed for a nice camera control experience, but you can also control White Balance, Focus, Iris, and preset positions.

Control up to four cameras simultaneously
PTZ View Assist provides you to store up to 4 preset positions for each PTZ camera. The PTZ View Assist app will help you to creates nice transitions from your stored positions.


版本 1.2.2

Fixed icon error.


5.0(滿分 5 分)
3 則評分

3 則評分

App 隱私權

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