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Sapido Smart Cloud IoT System Products cover three main sectors of Cloud Security, Cloud Automation, and Digital Convergence. The new IoT products contain the stable network transmission, the terminal environment sensor, and the exclusive cross-system software Pdapp for iOS, Android and Windows. Cloud Security: Multiple monitors and motion sensors alert you when people come and go from any location. Cloud Automation: Light sensor for automated lighting; Temperature sensor to set a predetermined temperature and activate the heat or air conditioning. Digital Convergence: A simple way to share your favorite video/music/photos with families and friends.

Easily connecting to the WiFi singal of Sapido Cloud Controller from your smartphone or tablet, you can easily add a “New Device” on Pdapp without any settings. With Sapido Exclusive APP-Pdapp, you can keep an eye on your house at work. It only needs one finger touch on Pdapp, and you can show your love through two-way conmmunication and record any movement at home. Enjoy free files “Download” & “Upload” with any USB flash drive/HDD connected to Sapido Cloud Controller; let the “Music” play wirelessly from smartphone all around; the motion sensor and door & window sensor can prevent thieves break into your house and detect the comfortable envirnoment temputure, light and sounds level all with “Sensor” function; always be the first one to know the real time alarm “Message” through APP; Take control to turn on/off the electronics appliances on “Switch” and keep the smart power consumption and bill on hands; offline overview the download files on “Download List” anytime everywhere; smart network “Security” function offers the effective parental control a secure network surfing by setting up Internet wirelss schedule and keyword blocked.

Sapido Smart Cloud IoT System Products are designed to bring together all of the smart home technologies, media content, and superior internet connectivity.

Sapido, the Internet-of-Things Navigator, take your smart home on road.

You can enjoy following functions by using Sapido Pdapp from the handheld device.
● 5 Scenarios control and use.
● 24 hours push notification, 30 seconds recording and real-time view, cloud saving.
● Immediately camera watching, recording, voice siren, and voice sender.
● Multiple users account management, more people log in, more secure.
● Download and upload files from handheld devices for USB Storage
● Play Music Wirelessly
● Environment Sensor and Cloud Security
● Cloud Switch to turn ON/OFF any connected electronics
● Parental Control-Internet Usage
● Offline Browse in Download List
● Icon appears in the Network
● Firmware Upgrading and Manage all Devices

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版本 2.3.2

Improve connection performance of the APP
Improve stability of the IOT system.
Correct “Network Security” function.
Supported Model: SH206+、IPJC2n、WSG70n…Smart Home Products.


2.0(滿分 5 分)
11 則評分

11 則評分







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