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Let's cultivate our sanctuary together.

At TRU LUV, we are a team of creators, dreamers and technologists working with the energy of the moon to develop an app that feels like friendship. Join over four million people helping us develop a new model for technology, our relationships with our phones, ourselves and each other.

Our experimental app #SelfCare is here to comfort you. It's a safer space for whenever you need it. No pressure, no winning, no alerts and no streaks. We believe that love feels better than winning.

In #SelfCare, we invite you on a journey with the moon to explore our energies of celebration, curiosity, love, intention and care. You'll find soothing rituals where you can magically transform the color of your bedroom walls, seek guidance from your tarot cards and snuggle with your cat. You may experience feelings of calm, joy, connection or ASMR-like tingles as you tend to our rituals.

Some of our rituals include:
- the tarot
- the moon
- our duvet cover
- our walls
- our bubbles
- our massager
- our familiar
- our candle
- our books
- our locket
- our laundry
- our paper flowers

Thank you for being on this journey with us! #SelfCare is a work in progress. TRU LUV was Canada’s first startup to attend Apple Entrepreneur Camp in 2020 and is advised by world-renowned game designer Jane McGonigal and AI thought leader Tom Gruber. You can read more about our development journey at truluv.ai/luv-notes/

What feels good to you? We'd love you to share your feelings with us. Connect with us at luvtruluv@truluv.ai

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We're curious about your experience with our phone within a phone! You can share your experience with us whenever you're comfortable. Our Benefit Check-In comfort now generates once a day.


3.6(滿分 5 分)
88 則評分

88 則評分

Hsu ting - chieh

It really helped me

I was extremely depressed and panic few months ago. While I was sitting in a chair by myself crying all along, this app really helped me smoothed down my mood and found some inner peace.


It’s really a good app!!!

This app can really change the relationship between technology and us. The small games and words really helped me to relax and started to rethink what’s the positive thing that happened today, not the negative thing.
But one thing is that some small games instructions need to be clear, so I would no how these games work.


Thank you! We appreciate your feedback 💖


Luv it, as they said

I was quite depressed for a few days, then I found this app which helped me to calm down a little bit. It truly worked, now I am very much in peace, I don’t get upset for no reason anymore. This is a great place, it talks to you as if you’re a friend. Truly appreciate it.

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