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Downloading your Shine App will bring the the laundry convenience you have long deserved by customizing your preferences: - Chose from the various detergents At Shine we know that every family or person prefers one or the other type of soap or washing detergents. If it is not listed on our inventory, we will quickly procure it just for you. - Select how to fold or not fold your items Some people want their socks rolled or tied, vests folded with neck showing or folded small …. - Select the temperatures for both wash and dryer. Different clothings or fabriques require different temperatures both in washing and drying which sometimes is only known to the owner. You have the right to let us know how you want your clothes to be treated. - Schedule your preferred pick-up time and day(s) Some of our customers would need their laundry to be picked up several times a week or a day. We are flexible enough to accommodate all your pick-up and drop-off requirements - Deliver back your clothes cleaned to your specifications. We guarantee to deliver back your laundry when and how you need it done or redo your laundry at no cost until we get it done right. - Convenient payment method - the app is appended to your bank account of choice and deductions are made according to your order and generated invoice. Press the “Order” button and enjoy your now free time.

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開發者「DC WEB SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED」尚未提供關於其隱私權實務和資料處理的詳細資訊給 Apple。如需更多資訊,請參閱開發者的隱私權政策


開發者送出下一個 App 更新項目時需要提供隱私權詳細資訊。


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