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Improve time management skills, executive function, and focus by utilizing this award-winning app
from the makers of the ORIGINAL visual timer. At the heart of Time Timer® is a commitment to
enhancing the learning environment, providing teachers and students with a powerful tool for
effective time management – whether in the classroom or at home.

For over 30 years, Time Timer® visual timers have been recommended by teachers and loved by
students. Invented by Jan Rogers for her 4-year old daughter, these visual timers have been
research proven over the years to increase self-regulation, focus, and executive function skills – in
all ages and abilities. The Time Timer® App can help any student, teacher, or parent enhance their
learning experience and boost focus and productivity throughout their everyday life.

Original Visual Timer: Time Timer is the original visual timer, pioneering the abstract concept of
time into a tangible, visual representation.

Proven Results: Backed by research, Time Timer has demonstrated positive outcomes in various
educational and therapeutic settings.

Visual Timer for Education: Time Timer is purpose-built for educational settings, offering a
seamless experience for teachers and students alike.

Features that set us apart:
Intuitive Interface – the makers of Time Timer products put in a lot of thought and testing to ensure
simple and intuitive operations so that their products support neurodiversity. Set up your timer
quickly and effortlessly with a simple swipe or twist.

Iconic Red Disk + So many colors!: Time Timer products are known for their iconic red disk.
Now, you can use the red disk to match your trusted timer, or choose a favorite color to make it
your own! Witness time in action as the disk disappears, making the passage of time easily
understandable for students, teachers, parents, and children.

Educational Benefits: Help students comprehend the passage of time by utilizing the Time Timer
App in the classroom, or at home, to help everyone manage the transitions between activities and
to break down tasks into manageable pieces.

Assistive Technology: Empower students or adults at home to improve independent life skills.
Reduce constant inquiries, get out the door on time, improve results of a focused study session or
practice, and help all ages and abilities gain skills needed to live their best lives. Universally
designed to assist those with special needs including ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia, and learning

• Set Timer by Touch
• Apple Watch and iPhone will sync
• Set and run single or repeating timers
• Run multiple timers at once
• Adjust the timer disk to represent custom time periods and color
• Already use the original Time Timer? Default to the same red disk and 60-minute time
• Vibration and sound signal options at end of timer
• Change colors and sounds to suit your mood or preference
• Save and reuse timers
• Set repeating timers; up to 99 consecutive timers in a single play
• Adjust the timer disk to represent anywhere from 1 second to 99:59:59 hours
• View the timer vertically or horizontally as you change the direction of your device
• Turn on “awake mode” to keep your device from going to sleep while the app is open
• Light and Dark Mode Setting

Runs on iOS 16 or higher, iPhone 8 model or newer

About Time Timer®
Time Timer® creates award-winning visual timers for schools, homes, and workplaces. In addition
to the app, Time Timer offers analog countdown timers featuring a patented disappearing disk that
is research proven to increase self-regulation and improve focus for kids and adults with
neurodiverse backgrounds. Invented 30 years ago Jan Rogers for her daughter, Time Timer®
creates intuitive products to empower everyone to measure and manage time more effectively.

Questions? support@timetimer.com
Find more Time Timer products at timetimer.com


版本 4.0.8

Bug fixes and improvements


4.8(滿分 5 分)
360 則評分

360 則評分

Jory H

Great work it’s what I need.

Looking forwards the support of iPad multitasking.






But wish it can provide the widget

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