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The world knows we don't need another of those note taking apps that has full with useless functionalities like outside temperature, or daily quotes, or even ads when all you want to create is a simple to-do list. (Yes, believe or not there are note taking apps out there that shows you ads between your to-do tasks.) Since when things got so complicated, and not user friendly.


No Ads

No signups, logins

No Popups

No “rate me”

No “give me 5 stars”

No annoying notifications

No timers

No “this app wants to access your location, access your contacts, Facebook friends, camera, home address”

No coins, No levels, no gimmicks

No getting lost in the app

No weather reports or daily quotes, or drawings, photo editing.

What type of lists can I create?

Any type. Here are couple examples. Shopping list, HW list, To do list at work, Birthday or Bachelor party event planning list, Wedding items list, Places to visit list etc.

How it works?

Pick a color, and title for your new list, and add items on your list. That simple!

You can create multiple lists and select different vibrant and lively colors.

Adding an item on your list is simple and intuitive. No more small tiny text.

Do you want to delete an item from your item? Simply swipe left.

Do you want to assign a priority to an item? Simply swipe right, and select the importance level: Low, Medium, High. Simple huh?

Items on your list get sorted by the priority automatically.

Do you want to mark the item complete? No more small radio buttons. Simply tap on the box and will mark your item completed.

Accidental tap? No worries tap again to mark it incomplete.

Make a list, create a list, to-do list, to do list, action items, notes, note you can call it whatever you want to call it.


版本 1.1

Ola, Merhaba, Xin chào! Spanish, Vietnamese, and Turkish language support is here!


Onur Hasbay
14.8 MB

系統需求:iOS 11.4 或以後版本。相容裝置:iPhone、iPad、iPod touch。


土耳其文, 英語, 西班牙文, 越南文

NT$ 330


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