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Need a simple way to select protective clothing? This ULTITEC Selection App will help you to choose appropriate protective clothing for your workplace.

Get started quickly with 4 categories, which are Occupational Risk, CE Certification, Additional Standard, and ULTITEC Product Line. Follow the steps accordingly and “Act without fear!” with us.

1. Occupational Risk
- Determine workplace risks namely particulate, liquid, and chemical hazards, then select appropriate protection against those risks.

2. CE Certification
- Comply with Type 3 to Type 6 requirements of Category III PPE under European Regulation (EU) 2016/425.

Additional Standard
- EN 1073-2 Against Radioactive Contamination
- EN 14116 Flame Retardant Test
- EN 14126 Against Biological Hazards
- EN 1149-5 Antistatic
- DIN 32781 Against Pesticides

ULTITEC Product Line
- List detailed specifications of each protective clothing and accessories for better understanding.

Besides the contents mentioned above, we also provide simple introductions of each CE standard and product-related videos. Furthermore, you can log in with your personal account to get more exclusive support from ULTITEC.


版本 1.2.1

1. Add Arabic language
2. Tuning for iOS 14


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