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Subscribe to Wahoo X and get full access to all of the features and content for both the comprehensive training app Wahoo SYSTM and the virtual cycling platform Wahoo RGT. One subscription, one account and login, endless ways to train, ride, race and connect with athletes around the world.

Please note: Wahoo SYSTM and Wahoo RGT are separate apps managed through the single subscription offering, Wahoo X. You will need to download both the SYSTM and RGT apps to your device.

Wahoo SYSTM is the most comprehensive, immersive and effective training app available for time-crunched cyclists, triathletes, and other endurance athletes. Backed by cutting-edge sports science, SYSTM takes the guesswork out of training with personalized cycling, triathlon and running workouts; strength training, yoga, and mental training, all integrated into easy-to-follow training plans for every discipline.

SYSTM puts you in the middle of the action with a huge library of workouts paired to heart-pumping, motivating content. Experience what it’s like to be a professional cyclist with the ‘ProRides’ series, featuring first-person, on-board camera footage from the biggest races in the world. Train alongside Wahoo athletes and get a backstage pass to getting fast with the ‘A Week With’ series. Go ‘On Location’ to ride the world's most iconic routes, push yourself with a workout from ‘The Sufferfest’ collection, or get inspired with the ‘Inspiration’ series of cycling-focused documentaries paired to base and recovery sessions. You can even join your favorite Global Cycling Network presenters in the studio for a guided ‘GCN Training’ session that mimics an indoor cycling class. And if you want to stream your own content while doing a structured workout complete with on-screen instructions, fire up one of the ‘SYSTM NoVid’ sessions.

SYSTM works with most Bluetooth-enabled trainers and fitness devices so you can train to personalized power, heart rate and cadence targets.
Other training apps set power targets based on a simple percentage of your sustained power (FTP). SYSTM uses a comprehensive 4DP® fitness test to calculate your Rider Type, identify your strengths and weaknesses, and measure what you’re capable of across 4 critical performance metrics: Neuromuscular Power (sprint power), Anaerobic Capacity (1-minute power), Maximal Aerobic Power (5-minute power), and FTP (20-minute power). Using 4DP®, SYSTM then tailors the power targets in your workouts so you get the most out of the time you have to train. You’ll work at the exact intensity necessary to get stronger and faster, without wasting a single pedal stroke.

Use the SYSTM Training Plan Builder to configure your own easy-to-follow, comprehensive training plan for road, multisport, cyclocross, gravel, mountain biking, and eSports. Add yoga, strength training, and mental training to your plan for truly complete training. Every training plan is tailored to your fitness level and designed to deliver maximum gains with minimum time. Grounded in cutting-edge sports science and proven by victories in the most prestigious events in the world, SYSTM training plans deliver results.

Join the SYSTM Forum to connect with other athletes and get expert training advice directly from our team of world-class coaches and sports scientists. With decades of experience coaching athletes from seasoned pros to weekend warriors, the coaches at Wahoo Sports Science are committed to helping you achieve your goals.

iPhone/iPad: iOS 13


版本 7.51.1

Resolved issue with incorrect TSS and IF values on the Outdoor workout details


4.5(滿分 5 分)
10 則評分

10 則評分

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