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"Professor Kim is a challenging visual scanning and discrimination game for preschoolers and early elementary children. You can play alone or against another, which really ups the fun factor. I have been using this game clinically, since early 2013, and it has never been off my iPad despite frequent rotation of other apps. Most kids respond immediately to its bright graphics and easy game play. It’s wonderful for teachers who may have kids that have difficulty translating what’s on the board to paper, or being able to sustain attention when visually following one target to another, as in contrast and comparison tasks." TeachersWithApps.com

*** In summary this app is an excellent source for early learners needing to learn how to visually scan, discriminate and be able to target looking from one point to another. These are essential skills needed to be able to function within the classroom and manage oneself within a social environment. teacherswithapps.com
*** is a great fun and entertaining game, perfect to stimulate kids memory and observation skills. Your kids will be engaged and focused. You can play it alone but we liked the 2 players mode a lot. Lots of fun, hours of play ... and if you want to be the fastest one you will find out that it might be even more challenging that your first thought! ***

"Innovative and challenging memory game for one or two players that completely avoids the "matching pairs" cliche." smartappsforkids.com

"There is a lot to love about this app, but what excites me most is that this is something new that fills a gap and meets educational needs. The bottom line is that it is different, useful, and lots of fun to play." onsarahsipad.wordpress.com

*** Can you spot the missing sea creature, before the other player? This classification experience presents this type of simple early logic challenge, starting with smaller, easier sets, and progressing to harder challenges, for two players.
For focused logic/memory experience this app is worth considering. We noticed no external links, ads or hidden agendas.***
Featured Review in Children´s Technology Review, Sept 2012, Vol.20, No9, Issue 150

A great game for one or two players! Who can spot the missing animal or object first? Is it the octopus, the diving elephant or the clam? Help Professor Kim in his submarine to find whats missing in the deep blue sea!

This game is great fun for two kids to play together or for parents and kids! You might aswell play alone and race against the time. Be quick to spot the missing creature! Best for kids from 4 to 8 and their parents!
This game is a Kim´s Game and helps to develop memory and observation skills!

*** How to play ***
One Player:
- You can see one animal or object more on your screen than in the water.
- Try to tap as fast as you can on the missing animal or object on your screen.
- The new level will be unlocked as soon as you solve the level without a mistake
- There are two counters. The upper counter shows the highscore.

Two players:
- You can see one animal or object more on your screen than in the water.
- Be quick and tap faster than your partner onto the missing animal or object on your screen.
- The golden fish shows you who won

Disclosures for Parents
We take your kids privacy and safety serious.
This app includes
* no links
* no ads
* no tracking functions
* no share functions
* no IAP


版本 1.0.4

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系統需求:iOS 6.0 或以上版本。相容裝置:iPad。


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