Find the perfect game for your commute

However long you’re stuck on a bus or train, we’ve got a game for you.

Your commute doesn’t have to be a snooze. However long it takes, there’s a game to help fill the time.

Five minutes or less

In Minit, playtime is short, but the adventure goes deep

Don’t have much time on your hands? Neither does the hero of Minit, who must accomplish as much as possible in, yep, you guessed it, just 60 seconds.

Find items, learn skills and inch forward with each minute-long playthrough, and while you might die when the clock strikes zero, you’ll retain knowledge and items captured.

Can you solve the many mysteries of this brilliant role-playing game?


    Adventure 60-Seconds at a Time


Around 30 minutes

Each Mini Metro city has its own challenges – like rivers and peninsulas – to plan around.

Stuck on the bus for half an hour ruing your city’s seemingly woeful infrastructure? Mini Metro lets you prove that you could do better than those seemingly incompetent city planners.

Draw tracks of public transport systems in New York, London, Dubai and other real-world cities to keep people moving as efficiently as possible. Fittingly, you should be able to finish a round (or two) during your own travels.

    Mini Metro

    Build a better tube


An hour or more

Bring flavour to your neighbourhood in Good Pizza, Great Pizza.

Good Pizza, Great Pizza is stuffed to the crust with compelling characters and clever play.

Mix sauce, cheese and toppings to please eaters as you grow your pizza business and get to know the curious residents of your neighbourhood.

The storyline is great – and you can gobble down a chapter in a few sessions.

    Good Pizza, Great Pizza

    Pizza Business Simulator


All day play

Freeze, blast or poison foes – whatever gets the job done in Kingdom Rush Vengeance.

Heading on an intercontinental business trip? Looking to sink your teeth into some deep strategy?

As an evil wizard in Kingdom Rush Vengeance, fight off increasingly challenging waves of enemies by building and upgrading all sorts of powerful turrets and heroes. And thanks to full offline play, it’s perfect for a long-haul flight.

    Kingdom Rush Vengeance

    The most epic Tower Defense!