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Download the Ausweis App to use Ausweis Service:
1) if you already own Ausweis Devices or are interested in smart access to facilities. You can order Ausweis Device and learn more about the service on www.ausweis.io;
2) if you have received an invitation to use an Ausweis lock. For guest access, just install the application.

This app helps with setup and day-to-day use of Ausweis Service.
Both the app and the device are designed to work with Ausweis Service, that provides secure mobile management for ANY ELECTRIC LOCKS or lock mechanisms.

Ausweis allows MOBILE CONTROL for ANY ENTRANCES - residential complexes, hotels, apartments, houses, public places, industrial facilities, offices and business centers, financial premises, parking.

Doesn’t matter if it’s your home, office or rental apartment - Ausweis is an easy and inexpensive way to provide access to you and all friends, members, guests, and co-workers.

Operate electric locks, entrances, turnstiles, gates, intercoms. With Ausweis you can now EASILY RETROFIT your entrances for smart mobile access.

Open your home, office or hotel REMOTELY, instantly let guests in. Open doors for friends, relatives, children, clients, staff, couriers, dog-walkers and even pets :) In case of emergency you can immediately allow 911 or trustees to enter.

Securely store your accesses on your smartphone. NO more FUMBLING for your keys. NEVER LOSE any keys again. Enjoy keyless access!

Create digital keys for staff, family, guests etc. ANY NUMBER, ANY TIME, ANY TYPE – for limited or unlimited access.

ADD USERS, assign keys, activate/deactivate keys with a single touch - directly from your smartphone. Share admin or guest virtual keys with other Ausweis App users. Send Ausweis keys to family, friends, and guests from anywhere, anytime via Ausweis app.

Manage access permissions for your friends and loved ones. You can set UNLIMITED or SCHEDULED access. Grant access for specific dates and time. With this feature, you also don’t need to wait at home to let a cleaner or craftsmen in.

Stop any shared access (revoke digital keys) at ANY TIME via your Ausweis App.

Retrieve recent Ausweis lock events detected on each entrance - WHEN, HOW and WHO unlocks your Ausweis Devices. Receive instant push notifications in case of unauthorized entry attempt.

Control your Ausweis Device from anywhere via 24/7 ACTIVITY LOG. Check Ausweis history to see unlock events for all users and set up notifications for when they come home or leave.

Ausweis provides 3-LEVEL PROTECTION and operates in 2 MODES: both through Wi-Fi and local (when there is no connection to the Internet). All communication between Ausweis App and Ausweis Device are reliably protected with the best-certified ENCRYPTION protocols. You can still use your original key to open the door even after you’ve installed your Ausweis Device.
Ausweis safely manages all accesses to facilities from one user account, creating a united digital ecosystem of passes. You can add Ausweis to your business, apartment building or co-working space. Stop worrying about lost keys, door opening, unauthorized access attempts, hurrying and waiting. Enjoy easy, comprehensive and secure Ausweis Service.

Learn more at ausweis.io.

Don't have Ausweis Device? Check out ausweis.io for more details or email us - info@ausweis.io

If you have any questions or problem using Ausweis App we will be glad to help you - support@ausweis.io

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Версия 1.8

Local mode opening improvements

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4.0 из 5
Оценок: 10

Оценок: 10

Denys Krasnikov ,

Smart alternative for plastic cards and metal keys

Good product! I have been waiting for the smart access to all of my locks from a smartphone.

tvaric ,

iOS 12 crashes

Don’t worry, take your time for fix, it’s just access control app, I’ll wait near the door with my stupid ios12


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Требуется iOS 11.0 и новее. Совместимо с iPhone, iPad и iPod touch.


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Возраст: 4+
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