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Your headache and stiff shoulders may be caused by dry eye.
"Dry Eye Rhythm" is an application that you can do dry eye check in 5 minutes using the iPhone.
Measurement results can be confirmed with your own eyes, as well as for dry eye research by Juntendo University ophthalmology.

【Purpose of dry eye rhythm】
It is estimated that there are 22 million people in Japan and 1 billion people in the world, the most common eye disease is dry eye. However, many people have not yet diagnosed, causing eye quality, headache, headache, lowering subjective visual acuity, stiff shoulder, etc. which is a cause of lowering quality of life.

If we can gather information as accurate as possible about fluctuations of symptoms from usual time, we should be able to prevent it before symptoms arise and to speed up recovery. In this way, "dry eye rhythm" was created from the desire to deliver eye health to everyone.

【What you can do with dry eye rhythm】
Easy dry eye measurement in 1.5 minutes, you can check your dry eye score.

2. By entering lifestyle such as stress and sleep time, you can check correlation between daily dry eye score and lifestyle on your own.

3. By reading the news on dry eye, you can understand deeply about dry eye.

4. Anonymized big data will be useful for dry eye research by Juntendo University ophthalmology.

【How to use the application】
1. After agreeing to the research, enter basic information.

2. You can measure your own dry eye score with a camera's blink check and questionnaire input. (1 day a day, continuous measurement for 7 days is recommended)

3. Enter your lifestyle such as sleeping time, stress, time you saw the monitor. (1 day a day, continuous measurement for 7 days is recommended)

4 The results of the measurement for 1 week can be seen on the graph, and you can check the change in dry eye score and the correlation with your lifestyle with your own eyes.

[About safety]
■ Privacy
Because collected data does not have information that leads to the identification of an individual, even if it leaks by chance, it will not lead to personal rights or property damage. Also, withdrawal of consent for research can be withdrawn at any time.

■ Data handling
Research results obtained through cooperation and collected data may be published in academic presentations or academic journals in order to be useful for early detection, diagnosis and treatment of each disease. In addition, data collected for this research may be used for another research or development.

■ Notices
This application was developed exclusively for collecting data in clinical research and is not intended for other purposes. We can not compensate for any health damage or equipment damage due to research participation. Because the measurement result by this application is not a doctor's diagnosis, if you have a symptom to worry please get a doctor's diagnosis.

Що нового

Версія 2.0.1

First release in English version.
App for dry eye research by Juntendo University Faculty of Medicine, Department of Ophthalmology.


41.8 МБ

Потрібна iOS 9.3 або новішої версії. Сумісність із iPhone і iPod touch.


Англійська, Японська

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Часті/надмірні сцени медичної/лікувальної тематики


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