Teksta/Tekno Robotic Puppy 5.0 4+

Park Lane Solutions Ltd

Разработано для iPad

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Meet Teksta, the robotic puppy who actually listens and understands you! He responds to your voice, sound, touch, and gestures. Command your puppy to walk, sit, cry, sing, and even do a back flip! Then pet him to reward him and he will happily pant.
With the Teksta APP, you can program your puppy to do even more!
App Features
Sing & Dance – Make your puppy sing and dance!
Piano – Compose a melody for your puppy to sing!
Bark Control – Choose how often your puppy will bark!
Motion Control – Choose how often your puppy will walk!
Feeding – Choose different foods for your puppy to eat!
Animation – Choose custom actions for your puppy!
Robotic Friends – Call a puppy friend for your puppy to talk to!
Tricks – Choose from a list of tricks to teach your puppy
For Best Performance:
Face your device’s speaker toward Teksta
Make sure your devicr is not on mute and turn the volume all the way up
Turn off the other apps on your device
Make sure your environment is not too noisy

Works with iphone and iPad (Note: Not all functions of the app work with older devices)

Что нового

Версия 1.3

fixed bug

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