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Learn English by listening and reading popular books with our book reader. Our mission - free English education throughout the world.
You like reading and want to brush up your English? Improve your English listening, English vocabulary, English grammar, English pronunciation, English conversation, business English and many more with our free English learning app.
- Boost your English grammar skills ( listening, spelling, pronunciation) by reading classic works of British and American literature narrated by native speakers in our easy to use app WholeReader.
- As you see the highlight of the exact text played, it helps boost your English listening skills and learn the correct pronunciation.
- Study English online by practicing to memorize English words using built-in flashcards.
- Our audiobook reader has English texts for beginners, easy stories for kids, books for intermediate and advanced English learners. We also have SAT and TOEFL notes for English test preparation. The best learning experience at your fingertips.
- Our English book reader is suitable for self-studying - English dictionary and user notes will make your learning fun and easy.
- We offer easy English for kids with a variety of books for children. Your kids will improve their English skills in a fun way!
- Our collection of English audiobooks aligned with the text is always growing - check the updates!
- If your goal is to study business English our application is also the best choice to start.

Book levels:
- English for kids
- Beginner
- Elementary
- Intermediate
- Advanced

- Free books with audio
- Compilations (selected quotes)
- User Notes
- Reading progress
- Flashcards
- Webster English-English dictionary
- Recently viewed books
- Editor`s Study Notes
- Audio speed control
- Margin Notes
- Played word underlining
- Offline reading: No Internet access required
- Select a category and level of stories
- Narrated audio that highlights the exact words played
- Word definitions: double-tap the word to see the meaning
- Remembers your activity and progress
- Easy-to-use interface

Download our app right now and improve your English skills right away!

Что нового

Версия 5.0.4

- Account deletion functionality was added,
- Data synchronisation improved,
- Performance and stability improved.

Оценки и отзывы

5,0 из 5
Оценок: 7

Оценок: 7

Tareeck ,

Awesome application

This application created to improve your English level. Amazing books norated with real human voices and aligned with text. This helped me to improved my vocabulary. Also it allows you to pass compilation and application will recommend books for your English level. So I only recommend you to try the app especially since it has a 30 days trial period.

AnasKle ,

It really can boost your English

➰I love the main font inside reader. It’s even more comfortable for eyes than default font in iBooks.
📝Cool that I can add notes in books.
▶️By the way, it’s cool that books has audio and audio is made by real people

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