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This is a suite of audio unit v3 compatible plugins for use in your favourite DAW such as Cubasis, Auria, Meteor or GarageBand.

It comprises 3 essential plugins which are used in every day music making.

Audio Shredder:

This audio shredder does just what is says, it shreds incoming audio (usually strings or lengthy sustained chords) into bite size pieces, adds an envelope and passes through a filter of choice. The result is a gated staccato effect which you can shape into patterns or runs of quarter notes. These kinds of patterns can be heard in Trance / Dubstep / Hip Hop or other modern electronic music genres.


The FilterMorph is one of our most fun, interesting, experimental and yet incredibly useful AUv3 plugins to date. It takes the concept of a traditional audio filter and pairs it with overdrive, bit crunching and tape delay to perform some incredibly neat real-time or beat synced automation effects.

At the heart of the effect are a set of transitional filters (low pass, high pass, band pass, notch and formant filter) which you can assign to the Cutoff Control. The twist here is that you can assign different filters to each end of the frequency spectrum and morph between them to achieve a much more interesting results. So for example you can use a LP filter for low frequencies and a BP filter for high frequencies, and the frequency dial will smoothly transition between the two.

The main interface of the effect scrolls to reveal a set of two finger touch-pads, each of which responds to one of more fingers. Each pad can be assigned two of several parameters, one to the vertical axis, and the other to the horizontal. This allows you to control up to 4 knobs in real-time using only two fingers. A glide control allows you to control the rate of change so you can create those gentle sweeps without the effort.

But it doesn't stop there... we also include effects such as overdrive, bit shifter and tape delay and these parameters can also be freely assigned to the finger pads. A configurable modulation section also allows you to automate panning or vibrato and assign various envelope shapes.

Hold multiple fingers down on a pad and the play cursor will fly between your fingers at a specified speed. Press the HOLD button and you can then release your fingers and have them playback a set pattern. Press the SYNC TO BEAT button and the play cursor will move from one point to another at set beat intervals. Use the FOLLOW feature to follow finger movements etc.

The build in Tape Delay allows control over delay time, feedback and level, but the advantage of this type of delay is you get the warping pitch shifting effects as you change the delay time. This allows for some very interesting effects, especially when applied to strings or held chords.

Multi-Tap Delay:

The Multi-Tap delay takes the traditional digital delay to the next level. Instead of a single delay line you have up to 4 taps at your disposal. Each tap has an adjustable delay which can either be a value in milliseconds or a division of a beat. This is because the effect tracks the host tempo and can automatically match the beat by just pressing the sync button on each tap. Some taps can be free running while others synced to the beat.

What really makes this type of delay shine is that fact you can choose to either have all taps play back in series or stack them end on end in parallel mode. This allows for some very creative and unusual patterns which are not achievable using a conventional delay.

A dedicated LFO synced to the host tempo can also be used to apply modulation to each of the taps. You can modulate the frequency to create a chorus/ensemble type effect, vary the amplitude to create a vibrato effect, create an oscillating pan or even run the tap in reverse echo mode or through a band pass filter.

Look out for more AUv3 compatible effects and bundles coming soon from 4Pockets.


Limelight Software
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Requires iOS 9.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.



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