Bullet Blitz Trio 12+

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Embark on an exhilarating adventure with our Shoot'em-Up Bundle, featuring three action-packed games that promise non-stop excitement and thrilling challenges.

· Brotato: Survive the Spud Showdown
Join Brotato, the ultimate potato survivor, armed with up to 6 weapons in this top-down arena shooter roguelite. Fight off relentless alien hordes, customize your runs with unique traits, and collect a plethora of weapons, from flamethrowers to rocket launchers. Will Brotato be the lone spud standing when help arrives?

· 20 Minutes Till Dawn: Fight to Survive
Brace yourself for a 20-minute onslaught of monstrous baddies in this roguelike shoot'em up, 20 Minutes Till Dawn. Create unique and overpowered builds every run as you mow down hordes of enemies. Choose from a diverse cast of characters, unleash magical abilities, and survive wave after wave of relentless attacks. Can you last until the break of dawn?

· Star Survivor: Last Ship Standing
Dive into the cosmic chaos of Star Survivor, a rogue-lite asteroids bullet heaven mashup. As the last ship against the endless swarm, exterminate space invaders and upgrade your ship with a crafted deck of equipment and power-ups. Slaughter the endless with unique builds, choose from a selection of ships, and build your deck strategically to overcome the thousands hunting you. Will your choices be enough to conquer the epic space war?

Immerse yourself in the world of Shoot'em-Up Bundle and experience the thrill of survival, intense battles, and strategic gameplay. Get ready to face the swarm, customize your arsenal, and become the ultimate survivor.

Connect with us:
Discord: @Erabit or join via Discord
Twitter: @erabit_studios
Email: support@erabitstudios.com


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