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Four great decoder apps in one Bundle!

Transmit and receive SSTV pictures. Decoding of SSTV transmissions begins automatically as soon as the start of image audio signals are detected, and the image format is automatically selected. Manual control is also available for use when receiving conditions are poor. Timing signals (phase and skew) can be adjusted to compensate for mismatches with the sending station.

Received images can be saved - including automatically as they are received. You can leave the app running unattended, and come back to view all the received images. You can review saved images, as well as send them via email, and use iTunes file sharing to transfer them to your computer. You can even share them on your Facebook page, or tweet them to your followers, directly from the app! (iOS 6 and later)

You can also transmit images, taken from your saved photos or taken with your device's camera. Text, such as your callsign, can be added to the sent image.

PSK31 lets you view ham radio PSK31 on your iPad. Just set your iPad next to your radio, tune in a PSK31 frequency, and watch the decoded text.

There's a waterfall display of the audio spectrum, showing all of the PSK31 transmission. Tap on a signal, and PSK31 tunes into that transmission. The app is receive only.

Morse Pad lets you decode morse code on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch. Just set your device near a radio, tune in a morse code transmission, and watch the decoded text.

Enter in the morse code speed in WPM. Or you can turn on Auto WPM mode, and Morse Pad will try to determine the sending speed. Note that it may take take a moment for the app to determine the speed, or to adjust to changes in speed. You also need to enter the center frequency of the morse code audio, in Hz.

The spectrum display in the upper left corner shows the audio spectrum, with a red line drawn over the center frequency. This can be used as a tuning aid. The app is receive only.

Packet Pad lets you view Packet Radio transmissions on your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Just set it next to your radio, tune in a Packet frequency, and watch the decodes. Or for even better quality decodes, connect a patch cable from your radio's audio output to the microphone jack.

Raw APRS (Automatic Packet Reporting System) packets are also displayed.

You can also save your received text to view later, or transfer to your computer via iTunes.

Note: Only 1200 baud packet is decoded. The app is receive only, packets are not transmitted.

Ratings and Reviews

2.3 out of 5
9 Ratings

9 Ratings

aa-plat ,

Interesting for SSTV RX but ...

TX mode in SSTV does not let you put in a call sign banner, and has no "stop TX" button ... There are other issues but those two are pretty glaring. Seems like the app development is not complete at all. Rather disappointing. I bought the bundle and have not tried the other apps yet. The SSTV one is not really usable unless you are just wanting to watch what others are sending and you have only an iPad or iPhone.

Apple //GS ,

Seems to be orphanware

It looks like the last real updates were 3/4 years ago. That is worry some to me. Has anyone had any luck contacting the creator? Is this dead in the water?

TheGadgetinator ,

Transmit not just receive

I wish psk 31 and packet pad were able to encode/transmit audio back out to my radio instead of just receiving & decoding.


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