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BodyNav™ is a fun virtual reality tutorial game that demonstrates the power of navigating virtual reality and drones with intuitive body movement. Leverage your innate sense of space, lean in the direction you want to go, and minimize motion sickness. Before venturing into the media-rich walkies of Walk-in Theater, play the BodyNav game to get familiar with movement basics.

Lean your body forward and back to "walk" or "fly" around. Lean your body left & right to sidestep. Earn points by finding and occupying cubes. Lose points by hitting walls. Wear headphones for directional 3D audio and have fun!

Stereo VR mode requires a passive stereoscopic 3D headset (like Google Cardboard). Soundtrack courtesy of De La Soul.

BodyNav technology can be easily adapted to modernize your own product user experiences with just a few lines of code. It enhances first-person gaming, multi-camera performances and sporting events, control of remote vehicles, video conferencing and telepresence applications, street-view maps, augmented reality, architectural simulations, and 3D user interfaces for browsing documents and images.

Copyright © 2012-2021 MONKEYmedia, Inc. All rights reserved. MONKEYmedia is a registered trademark, and BodyNav and Walk-in Theater are trademarks of MONKEYmedia. BodyNav and Walk-in Theater are covered by US Patent 9,563,202, US Patent 9,579,586, US Patent 9,612,627, US Patent 9,656,168, US Patent 9,658,617, US Patent 9,782,684, US Patent 9,791,897, US Patent App 15/694,210 and other patents pending.


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