Midiflow for Audiobus 3 – Powerful MIDI sender and effect apps 4+

Johannes Doerr

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6 Apps in This Bundle

Midiflow Keyboard (Audiobus)
Midiflow Motion (Audiobus)
Midiflow Splitter (Audiobus)
Midiflow Limiter (Audiobus)
Midiflow Scales (Audiobus)
Midiflow Randomizer (Audiobus)



SALE: You save 35% compared to buying the contained apps separately!

Get the full package of MIDI sender and effect apps for Audiobus 3. Modify MIDI data coming from other apps or external MIDI devices to create interesting effects and take your performances to a new level.

+ Play multiple synth apps at the same time
+ Control effects with the motion of the device
+ Split your keyboard to play multiple sounds
+ Filter and remap note velocities
+ Remap notes to a scale or eliminate wrong notes
+ Randomize notes and timing
+ Transpose notes (*)
+ Monitor MIDI data (*)

(*) Make sure to get the free apps 'Midiflow Transposer' and 'Midiflow Monitor' to make your set complete.

NOTE: These apps require Audiobus 3.

MIDIFLOW KEYBOARD allows you to perform music with multiple synth apps at the same time. Use the piano or scale layout to play single notes, and select the chord keyboard for accompaniments.

MIDIFLOW MOTION lets you control effect parameters of other apps – in a way that no touch screen can replace – by moving the device. Set any kind of MIDI command like volume or modulation as output and fine-tune it to the exact motion range you want to perform with. You can even control multiple effects simultaneously.

MIDIFLOW SPLITTER lets you create split and layer configurations in an easy but powerful way. If you play your synth apps with an external keyboard, it is an essential tool for you. Thanks to Audiobus State Saving, everything can be saved and recalled when your show is about to start.

MIDIFLOW LIMITER is a filter and remapper for note velocities. Filter out notes that are too loud or too quiet, or remap them to different values. Use multiple instances to create velocity layers, which trigger different sounds based on the notes' velocity.

MIDIFLOW SCALES lets you filter out unwanted notes or remap them to a scale. Thin out tracks from a sequencer to create a reduced variation. Prevent wrong notes when playing on a keyboard. Generate harmonies by using the app in combination with Midiflow Transposer.

MIDIFLOW RANDOMIZER can be used to add a human touch to note sequences or to find inspiration. Randomize notes, note velocities, and timing just by specifying a desired range of variations. With the help of Midiflow Scales, you can keep your randomized notes in harmony.

MIDIFLOW TRANSPOSER lets you shift notes by octaves and half-tones. This is useful if you want play an external keyboard in a different tone. You can also use it to create harmonies, i.e. create a second voice in an interval.

MIDIFLOW MONITOR shows you what MIDI is doing in your Audiobus setup. Just add it into one or more MIDI effect ports and the app will print what is going through. This can help you find problems or just understand how MIDI works.

Ratings and Reviews

4.7 out of 5
11 Ratings

11 Ratings

polarpaul ,

Great apps to leverage MIDI

The apps in this bundle allow you to enhance the capabilities of your existing MIDI apps and hardware. The two other free MF apps are great too. You can place them anywhere you need them in your MIDI control setups and save them as presets so everything is easily recalled. MIDI setup is now a one and done process rather than having to do lots of menu diving or reading your setup notes to see how to set it up again.

The developer already has a series of videos which show you exactly how to use the apps as well.

Musikman4Christ ,

A must Have for IOS musicians!

Amazing apps that will make your midi life simpler in IOS especially now with AudioBus 3 .

I highly recommend this apps!


tritonman 2 ,

Awesome bundle of tools!

I particularly like the midi splitter and how it sets my controller up with splits for controlling various apps!


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