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The vocalist pack is a collection of plugins specifically designed for those wanting to enhance their vocal recordings.

Vocal Harmonizer:

The Vocal Harmonizer plugin was specifically designed for adding harmonies and basic auto tuning frunctionality to recorded vocal lines. This effect works in real-time and is able to track a monophonic input creating a convincing harmony at either a specified number of semitones or a key/scale offset. The auto tune allows you to snap to the nearest semitone in chromatic mode, or scale note when a key / mode is selected.

We have also included our very popular vocal doubler and reverb to give added presence and thickness to your vocal lines.

Vocal De-Esser:

This De-Esser is a great tool for removing sibilance from your vocals. Sibilance is the harsh over emphasising of phonetics such as 'ss', 'sh', 'ch', 'th' etc. which tend to be made worse during the recording process. This plugin has two modes of operation, 'standard' and 'multi-band' which can be used to effectively remove this kind of problem.

The standard mode emulates the ducking of a volume control just like mixing engineers used to do in the good old days, but in this case uses a compressor driven by a filtered band of the input signal that contains the problematic frequencies. This is a common and effective method which has been tried and tested for many years.

The multi-band mode uses a similar filtering mechanism to isolate the effected frequency band and applies a compressor to just that range in isolation. This method gives much more pleasing and natural results as it retains the overall volume level and only effects the specified frequency range.

We also included a Vocal Doubler which simulates a multi-track vocal recording. It uses sophisticated techniques that eliminates the phase cancellation issues associated with layering vocals in this way. You have complete control over delay time, levels and stereo field placement.

Finally this package incorporates a Noise Gate, to remove unwanted background noise from your recording. Fully configurable threshold, attack, release and dB reduction settings are available.

Aural Harmonic Exciter:

The main purpose of a Harmonic Exciter is to help the voice cut through a mix and give some edge and clarity to a sound by adding additional harmonics. The Exciter allows you to visually see the incoming audio spectrum broken down into frequency bands so that you can immediately see any deficiencies in the mix. You can select a frequency range (whether bass, mid or high frequencies) and use the 10 harmonic sliders to dynamically synthesize of additional harmonics and phase manipulation.

While you can boost EQ using a Graphic or Parametric EQ, this only boosts existing harmonics which soon requires compression to avoid clipping. The Harmonic Exciter changes the tonal content of a sound to saturate without adding the same boost in volume. The result is more punch and an ability to cut through the mix without levels getting out of control.


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