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Knowing more words makes you smarter, and richer. Many studies have established a solid correlation between your vocabulary and real world ability. Yes, those extra “smarts” will earn you more income and help you gain wealth. With this bundle of four apps, you get the Wealthy Words App, The Action Verbs App, and the Positive and Negative Emotion List Apps.

Would you like some evidence for the claim that word wisdom is correlated with wealth? Read some of the books by author and researcher E.D. Hirsch. Many studies use the Armed Forces Qualification Test (AFQT), which consists of two verbal sections and two math sections. One study showed that a gain of one standard deviation on the AFQT raises your annual income by nearly $10,000.

The reason that learning new words is related to intelligence and real-world competence is because of the increase in working memory. We can all hold only a few items in our “working memory”. However, we can “group” items together in chunks, like we do with telephone numbers. Words turn out to be great “chunking” devices, allowing us to effectively work with a huge number of related thoughts and processes at the same time.

Each word is linked (in long term memory) to many ideas and concepts, and the word can stand as a “proxy” for all those other ideas. The more “proxies” you have, the better you can be at dealing with many life situations. Simply extend this to tens of thousands of words (representing entire spheres of experience and knowledge) and you can see that a large vocabulary is a powerful way of enhancing your real-world ability!

Here is a little about the Action Verb App

Live with confidence, act with power, and speak with authority with these 277 Action Verbs and Sample Sentences for you to use. You can also add your own Verbs and sample sentences.

Increase your persuasive ability, transform your income and personal power, and improve your relationships. Yes, you can do all this and much more when you write and speak with Action Verbs!

How will this 277 Action Verbs App benefit you?

You'll be able to:

Inject your writing and speaking with natural strength and clarity.
Build your confidence.
Construct a resume that will get you the job you want.
Abandon your fears and limitations.
Banish doubt.
Captivate your listeners.
Increase your income streams until you have an income river!
Define your dreams in detail.
Execute your plans with power and faith in your desired result.
Crystallize your dreams into concrete physical reality.
Discipline your mind and body to respond to your will.
Welcome new people and ideas into your life.
Persuade others to your point of view.

Words have power. Boost your ability to succeed in every area of your life. Grasp this opportunity right now - get these 277 Action Verbs and add your own also. This app is very easy to use. Keep these power words at your fingertips as you integrate them into your writing and speaking.

Add your own words and sample sentences. You could also add a definition if you choose, instead. You can also delete your added action verbs (or any of the 277 pre-loaded verbs) if you want by swiping left on the word and then pressing “Delete”.

You’ll also get Christopher Westra's Positive Emotions List App and Negative Emotion Lists App.

Get the best Positive Emotion words (over 300) with definitions, for Children, Parents, Counselors, Teachers, and everyone. Increase your Emotional IQ, manifesting skills, and relationships.

As you learn to name your emotions, you become more skilled at creating the emotions you desire. You can use this list of emotions and definitions to help expand your awareness. You can also add your own Positive Emotion terms to the app!

You increase your power by feeling dynamic rather than fine, energetic rather than OK, and sensational rather than simply good. This Positive Emotion List can be used with Christopher Westra’s Holographic Creation Process.

Get Smart, Get Wealthy!


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