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Olga Serebriakova

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Снимки экрана (iPhone)


Cheap Flights поможет найти самые дешевые авиабилеты. Мы уникальны – 0% наценка на билет, 100% безопасность, самые низкие цены + абсолютно новый туристический поиск авиабилетов!

Наш сервис осуществляет поиск по самым популярным сайтам продажи авиабилетов и авиакомпаниям по всему миру.

Мы создали его специально для того, чтобы вы могли безопасно и максимально дешево купить билет на самолет через iPhone.

Лоукостеры и регулярные рейсы обновляются каждую секунду, вы не упустите ни одного билета.

Если вы еще задумываетесь о том, где купить авиабилеты – без сомнений вместе с нашим приложением Cheap Flights вы подберете самое подходящее решение: туризм, отдых за границей, перелеты в бизнес целях.

Почему именно мы?

- Самая низкая цена авиабилетов в России и за рубежом.
- 100% безопасность платежей, вы покупаете напрямую через ресурсы авиакомпаний.
- Мы не добавляем к стоимости билета ни цента.
- Уникальный поиск для туристов – выбирайте самый выгодный вариант для посещения желаемой страны.
- Вы можете сравнить множество авиакомпаний из одного приложения.
- Огромный функционал по фильтрации билетов для самого изысканного пользователя.
- Удобный поиск прямых авиарейсов! Летайте с комфортом!

Cheap Flights – незаменимое приложение для человека, который не любит переплачивать за воздух, а хочет осуществить полет максимально выгодно.

Что нового

Версия 1.1

Приложение было обновлено компанией Apple, чтобы в нем отображался значок приложения Apple Watch.

- Bug fixes
- New languages

Оценки и отзывы

4,8 из 5
Оценок: 117

Оценок: 117

Dudecool7953939461922 ,

Better than expected

To be completely honest, I expected something else. With all the other airline apps out there, I was skeptical. But this one surpassed my expectations. To start off, the app actually works well. I can easily find what I need, or if my friend asks a question, I can just bring this up and have a quick answer. That within itself makes the app great- a working app is an app worth using. A working app that does its job well is a rare sight, and this is undoubtedly one of them. Next, the UI. It is gorgeous. The design is very pretty, and it makes this app look best above all. The aesthetics of the menus and the start screen are very well done. Lastly, the simplicity of it all is what truly makes the experience worthwhile. Sometimes I just need a quick answer, and because this app makes it so simple, I can click on some buttons and get it done. Some other apps have convoluted menus, and Im glad this one doesn't.

All in all, this app is everything I need, and everything it does, it does well. Highly recommend it to anyone who's looking for an alternative airline app.

Paulcollin89 ,

Unbelievable app and incredible efficient!


This is the typical app that might be don't know at all when you scroll searching an app for this uses but the incredible aspect or point of view is really surprising, because as long as I am in this app more I love it, this is a terrific app when you want to travel and then when you arriving this app have the chance to improve your visit visualizing and comparing prices for other trip. The peculiar of this app is the amount of opportunities that could be have if you search any part of the world that want to go, just tip the place and less than you realize you will be traveling there. Good app, good interface, good supporting, good performance of searching and the most important could it be that is safe (Well, it's free too hahaha). If you are searching one app to prepare your travels, you are come by in the right place this is app that you was looking for. I'm grateful to download it and absolutely thankful for the odds to travel around the world, all whit this app

Floralprintpumps ,

Really great flight app!!

I really like the interface for this, it's super simple and clean. There are three options: economy, business, or tourist. "Tourist" is the most interesting one, since you can choose a month and the length of your trip and it will find the best priced days for you. Really handy if you just want the best price but don't care when you go. Economy and business allow you to pick specific days you want to go. I don't think I'll be using business class much haha. You can also choose the number of passengers and if they're adults or children or babies.

By default it gives you the cheapest flight, but you can also filter your results by number of stops, ticket price, flight duration, and layover time. really nice to customize your flight experience.

I really love that they don't tack on any extra fees. What you see when you look at the prices on your results page is what you get, unlike other flight websites or apps I've used that jack up the price once you go to pay. You can also pay right through the app which is great. It will redirect you to pay through a travel website but it's still all in app.
I would definitely consider this app the next time I take a trip.

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