Пониженная передача 2018 4+

spintires mudrunner mobile

Ivan Pavlikov

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П.П. это самый реалистичный симулятор бездорожья , из всех представленных в магазине! ! Продолжение легендарной серии Пониженная Передача!
Вас ждет отличная графика , сложный , но очень интересный геймплей !
Вам предстоит сесть за руль легендарных Российских монстров бездорожья ,таких как Уаз , Газ , ЗиЛ , урал , краз и другие мощнейшие вездеходы, вам придется найти и доставить груз на базу по суровой Российской лесной дороге , Автомобили с картами будут добавляться !
проект еще развивается !
приятной игры!

Что нового

Версия 3.1

Приложение было обновлено компанией Apple, чтобы в нем отображался значок приложения Apple Watch.

Исправлены баги с водой , грязью , камерой нивы, проходимостью некоторых авто ...

Оценки и отзывы

4,2 из 5
Оценок: 1,3 тыс.

Оценок: 1,3 тыс.

Justice TS ,

Graphics an controls

Graphics on tires need updated an the trany an shifting need to make it wear u can customize ur controls for better shifting an locking in low to high side trees mud an water there not to bad be nice to sling some mud tho give the motors better sound an some rpm sounds need some busting. U got shop throw in more then just tires add some big motors heavy weight dig in deep or lighter motors to skim over the mud.... it’s good game needs some lil tweeks but it’s still a time killer. I’ll wait for an update then to the old delete section to next 4x4 game hope it gets better

Star9899 ,

Good idea, decent execution, definitely lacking.

I wish it had more. The first vehicle is weak and does get old fast as there isn’t much to do with it. The second vehicle gets stuck constantly. I used the m35 and it gets around decently but they die in the water too much. Then after I got it to pick up a load of lumber I didn’t make it back to the gas pump to fill up so it gave me a little if I watch another add. Made it to the pump, filled up and went to go to the lumber mill when a sudden glitch flipped and turned and mangled my truck and left it laying on its side. Needless to say if a truck falls over it is done and you have to restart. This means starting completely over. And they fall over easily. Sometimes they glitch and you fall over. Sometimes it glitches and it falls over and pops upright again. Frustrating. I wish it had more map with more options and I hate the river fording. Oh and the m35 gets either stuck in the river or drowns constantly. Maybe I’ll give it another shot if it updates some of those things. I appreciate the effort but it needs a lot of work.

TreadSmoke335 ,

Needs an updated very badly.

I can choose my truck and then select the and and when the map gets done loading it goes to a black screen, this will happen 9/10th’s of the time that I try to play the game. I’be tried restarting the app and the same thing again, I’ve also tried restarting my phone, but the same thing happens again. I’ve tried everything that I know of to do and nothing will work. I’ve had multiple Reduced Transmission games and I’ve liked them all. The game would be a lot better if these problems were fixed. I’ve got an iPhone 6. Please fix the problems. Thanks.

Ответ разработчика ,

it was a beta version of the game, now everything works stably!

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