The final edition "Corpse party BloodCovered: ...Repeated Fear" of a horror adventure appears in iPhone/iPod touch!

Do you solve the mystery which pounces on the students confined by the cursed school building "Tenjin elementary school" and which was hidden in fear and the "Tenjin elementary school" as it is uneasy, and can escape from it!?

* The game supports iPhone 3GS,iPod touch 3G(Late 2009 32GB,64GB) and later devices.
*The game supports Japanese only.

* The super-controversial story of the member game community subject said for consumer-game-izing to be impossible!
* The stage is the different space "Tenjin elementary school" which was closed down by the ghastly murder case 30 years ago!
* Fear experienced by the thing to investigate, and about which it speaks!
* A sound is a full voice which raises presence!
* The total play time is the volume exceeding 20 hours!

■ The operation method
At the time of movement
A 2 finger tap (or pinch in), lower swipe: Menu display
tap: It investigates,talks

At the time of a message display
Tap: Advance.
Upper swipe: Display OFF of a message area

At the time of a menu display
Tap: Determination

■ Game story
Closed school confinement tour of night smeared with blood ...
Four children, the continuation kidnapping and the murder case which were cursed and which learned and the cursed school building "Tenjin elementary school"
The festival of the body in which it was sealed 30 years ago revives in the present age!
The spell which the chairperson of a ghost story lover has found "fortunate Miss. Sachiko."
The true character was a ceremony of the curse which was closed down by the past ghastly murder case and which is twisted to different space "Tenjin elementary school" if compelled.
Fate of the students who were confined by the worn-out old school building sure enough, and had make-or-break power have? ......


バージョン 1.51

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

- Required iOS version has been raised to iOS 9 and later from this version.
- Fixed an issue on iOS 10 that iCloud couldn't be accessed.
*For iOS 9 and later, you're required to enable iCloud Drive to save backup file.





Excellent! But Issues...

I personally love this app! But I'm a YouTuber, and this game was HIGHLY recommended, but since I don't have a PSP, I had no other choice but to buy it here. And since it doesn't support English subtitles, it makes it very hard to record this game. If English subtitles were released, it would help me out, and it would help you guys out because sales would definitely go up for this game!

Thank you guys and please take it into consideration...

-Shockley Gaming Entertainment


English pease?

I've had this app setting on my ipod for a long time waiting for an update that gave it an English translation. And not even one single update has come. I even feel like this is one of those apps are forgotten and never upgraded. I don't understand why?. They would make the menu of the game in English and not the entire game! It doesn't make sense! If your gonna make an app and only make the Menu in English you might as well not try! That is why am giving it 1 star even thought it is a great game i can even play it!! I even stared to try to learn japanese! Am so dissatisfied by the effort that went onto making this game >: \


One of my favorite games

This is one of the best handheld games I've ever played.

Unfortunately, the iOS version is not translated to English. I know a little Japanese and have watched a LP of the PSP version in English, so I kind of know what the characters are saying, but I'm honestly surprised that this hasn't been translated yet.

Please, Apple, make a translated update of the game, I kind of doubt the iOS Corpse Party will have very decent sales in America if you don't.


デベロッパである"MAGES. Inc."は、プライバシー慣行およびデータの取り扱いについての詳細をAppleに示していません。




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