Tenrin's Sakura 12+

SamuraiRPG set on Sakura city



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A Japanese-style fantasy RPG set in Sakura during the Edo period.


A magnificent RPG with the theme of Sakura, a Samurai town.
Abundant conversation events to make the game fun.
The main characters' dialogue is fully voiced.
If you actually visit Sakura city and use GPS, you can get powerful weapons.

In the middle of the Edo era, monsters suddenly occur in the Sakura. The young samurai, Shinza Takei, who is a swordman of the Tatsumi style swordsman, takes the clan's order and embarks on the eradication of monsters with his friends, Tajima Shizuku and Ichinojo.

Farewell with many difficulties standing in front of young samurai trying to walk the path as the right samurai. What is the path they found at the end of their fate?

Faith, loyalty, responsibility, love. A sad battle to protect each belief begins in Sakura.

Character voices:

In the base game, the main characters' dialogue is fully voiced. As the game contains a lot of words of voiced dialogue in total, the files containing the voices are very large.

For this reason, when you are installing the game for the first time, it is recommended that you use Wi-Fi to download it. Please be aware that depending on your connection, it may take approximately 3-5 minutes to download the game.

GPS features:

If you put the "GPS" bottun in main menu, you will be able to send out a GPS signal from within the app.

Then, if you actually visit the specified locations and send a GPS signal, you will obtain a "Samurai Belief" You can exchange the Samurai Belief that you have collected for powerful equipment and items.

The locations specified by the game include sightseeing spots and public facilities in Sakura city.

We use this feature to collect information on the locations in which the app is used. When using this app, please have your device set to allow the use of location information.

In-app purchases.:

You can purchase paid items by pressing the "Purchase" button in the main menu.


バージョン 1.0.4

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Overall a good game

I’ve played it for a little while so I can’t review the whole game but I’ll give u my opinion the graphics and controls are great. The artwork and character design is great aswell but I’ve noticed in the English version while the characters are speaking a few word would be cut off at the end, that and letters aswell for example, instead of beautiful it will say “beautifu” and so on other then that so far I think this game is great. Some suggestions I have just in case u want to add to the game is character customization, I believe that it will bring more players but that up to you overall a good game.



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