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Powerful machine Machi knights

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*Easy and concise operation
To do away with the complex game system and operation difficulty,
operation buttons are minimized and intuitive UI is adopted so that even beginners can easily get used to the game,

*Powerful battle
Battles with large enemies gathering from all sides, magnificent and intense giant boss battles, etc… By battles full of tension and immersion, you can enjoy the special fun only in Machiknights : Blood Bagos.

*Three distinctive characters
"Lancer" specializing in short-range combat, "Musket" specializing in long-range combat,
"Flame" that can respond to various situations with multiple abilities
Experience the unique play by combining the three weapons of each character!

*Magnificent story
Explore Whiteron Island in a variety of settings and join forces on a journey to save the world, defeating the army of the "Kenos" villain who trys to seize the "Blood Bagos" giant weapon, a heritage of ancient civilization.

*Dynamic AR battlefields.
If you use a device that supports AR, you can overlay the battlefield above the actual environment and could look around in a wider field of view, feeling more realistic.

- Optional access rights-
- Camera : Used in the function to implement the AR environment in the app.

새로운 기능

버전 1.4

Improvements UI

평가 및 리뷰

2개의 평가

2개의 평가

AmesMoore ,

Hack, slash, shoot...repeat.

Updated: English has been localized for our region. I really appreciate the developers’ response to my review. I’m hoping for more content to break up the action a bit. It is a lot hacking and slashing...for customer care- 1 star added.

First, I had to figure out how to change to English because it’s not the default language (if you try hard enough, you can). Even when I did, the combine weapons list did not change languages and I don’t know what they say.
Second, I used the robot with the machine gun and now I beat levels way too quickly. I nearly beat the game immediately after buying. The only reason I didn’t is because it got super repetitive. In my opinion, the game could be much better if they address the aforementioned issues. Please update!

개발자 답변 ,

Thanks for playing our game.

Local language setting problem has been solved.
You could choose the level of difficulty in game difficulty setting.
There will be an update later.
Thank you very much for playing.

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