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아무도 울려주지 않는 외로운 내 카톡에 뜬 반가운 숫자 1!
그런데 뭐? 행운의 편지라고? 그런 옛날 미신에 내가 속을 리가 없잖아!

…는 무슨, 펑펑 터지는 멘붕사태에 나는 반쯤 그걸 믿게 될 수밖에 없었어.
그리고 행운의 편지를 퍼뜨릴 4명을 물색!
학생회실 사물함이 딱 4개길래 몰래 편지를 넣어뒀지.
이제 저주에서 해방되었다고 홀가분해하고 있던 내게 행운은커녕.

그만, 싸가지에 걸려 버렸어.
다가오는 학생회 그놈들. 내가 넣어둔 행운의 편지가
사물함을 망가뜨렸다나 뭐라나? 말도 안 되는 소릴!

그놈들, 협박에 “학생회에 강제로 붙잡혀 버렸어!”

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42개의 평가

fhkdhgxjgckh ,


I like the game it’s really nice! I quite enjoy it! The only thing troubling everyone is the language and how there’s not separate game in English. Well, I the solution; if you have a separate device from the devise that you’re playing on right now you can download an app called google translate. It has 4 different ways of translating, like: voice, conversation, handwriting, and camera. I suggest you use the camera. For camera you can use instant translation (its might be troubling and can make you confused of the conversation with the fellows or anyone else), or scan which is easier and might some time but you’ll get it. I hope this make the game a little bit easier and it’s been working for me and anyway this is a really nice game and I love the characters, plot, art design and everything ❤️❤️❤️

개발자 답변 ,

Dear fhkdhgxjgckh,

We truly appreciate your precious comment.
and we're looking forward to meeting you again in our future games! :)

NahhhJaemin ,

The Game Looks Good!

Somebody else already reviewed the game saying the same thing, but I figured that the more people who say it, the greater the chance of this being released in English. I would absolutely love to play this game and understand it since I fell in love with the characters of Dangerous Fellows, it would be amazing to be able to see them before the apocalypse! Someday I how to play the game!

개발자 답변 ,

Dear Survivor, Thank you for enjoying our game, 학생회 그놈들 :)
Till now, 학생회 그놈들 is only released in Korean so far. T.T
However, we will reflect your opinion to our Development Team.
Hope we can meet you soon in our other exciting games in future. :)
Thank you.

SoftPinee ,

Please release an English version

Okay before I start I know you get these a lot so I’ll try to be quick. Please release, or think about releasing, an English version for this game. Not only would it allow more people to enjoy it, it would allow you to get more people that would buy diamonds and other purchasable items. I understand if you can’t, as new games are being released, but (sorry if this comes off rude) if there is an English version for Dangerous Fellows, and we’re also able to change the language(great update btw) I think it could at least be considered. Again, you don’t have to do this it’s a suggestion, thank you for your time.

개발자 답변 ,

Hello, SoftPinee!
Thanks for your attention about '학생회 그놈들'.
Unfortunately, it is only released with Korean.
But we will send your opinion to our Development Team.
Thank you.



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