The most addicting puzzle game ever!

New game modes added. Now you can play 15 differents games!
You can choose one of the following game mode:
- 2048 Classic
- Threes
- Fibonacci
- Exponential
- Ideograms

Added game board size selection! Choose the game board size you like from:
- 3x3
- 4x4
- 5x5

Added "UNDO" button! You made a mistake? You want to change your last moves? Tap on "UNDO" and get back on your game moves!

Added statistics!Track your scores and improvements!

Stunning new graphics (iOS 7 users will like it!!)

Try to reach the 2048 tile by merging tiles with same number!
Swipe up, down, left or right to move all the tiles and merge them!

Main features included in this game:
- simple, user friendly and plain design
- game center support
- sharing on your preferred social media
- share via SMS or email

Tap on #2048 to get some help :)

*inspired by Cirulli's 2048 game, Threes and more.


Versione 1.2.1

This app has been updated by Apple to use the latest Apple signing certificate.

Some minor bug fixing

Valutazioni e recensioni

4,0 su 5
10 valutazioni

10 valutazioni

Stephen (Jigglypuff lover) ,

Rebooting and reinstalling doesn't work for me.

To continue on my last review, this would be a perfect game if it didn't crash on my iPod literally every time I try to select the game modes no matter what board size I pick. I tried rebooting atleast 5 times, and reinstalling twice, but no success. :( It's sad, but could you possibly find the issue? It isn't firmware related, because every game I have on my iPod work perfectly fine. It's this game with an issue in it with crashing. Update if you can fix compatibility with iOS 6.XX (Any version of iOS 6) because it seems that even though it's compatible with iOS 6.0 or higher as the app info says, it won't work on my iPod which is iOS 6.1.5. I respect you for making a nice version of 2048, though. :)

Clauclauclaudia ,

not bad...

It still stops my audio on startup, but at least it lets me turn it on again and then return to the game.

I paid to unlock features and 'exponential' just has me confused. It doubles 1 to get to 2 (I think it should just start at 2). Then it squares the number for the next few steps (2-4, 4-16, etc.) then I think it just makes a math error going from 65K to 42M, and another from 42M to 1.7B. Then it returns to doubling.


wheres_caty ,

Good game but...

I love 2048. This app is better looking than some others and I like the colors better..... But it just seems easier for some reason..... Like I hit 4096 in the first game...... And I am still going.... The new tiles that appear don't show up on the bottom as often and there are more 2s popping up than 4s...... So it's cool, but it seems less challenging.

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