GTD®, XYZ and everything in between - it can handle it all. Seriously.

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2Do lets you take a completely different approach to managing your tasks. With its extremely simple-to-use interface and a comprehensive and flexible set of powerful features, it lets you focus on what's most important to you: your life. There is no wrong way of using 2Do, and unlike other to-do apps, it won't force you in adhering to a particular task management methodology.

• Apple - Best of 2013 Mac App Store
• Macstories - App of the Year 2015 iOS
• Cult of Mac - Best Task Manager for iOS

• Create simple tasks, or checklists and projects with sub-tasks. Tasks can have notes, attachments and multiple alarms.
• Set any task to repeat using a flexible set of options.

• In addition to built-in Focus lists that allow you to conveniently view upcoming, starred or scheduled tasks, you can create multiple lists to manage and organize your tasks.
• Smart lists let you harness the true potential of 2Do using a number of search options, filters and search pre-sets. Using Smart Lists, you can create custom views of your tasks and use them to focus-in or find frequently managed tasks.
• Furthermore, related Smart lists and Lists can be grouped together using a List Group in the order you desire.

• Quickly focus on your projects and their sub-tasks and nothing else
• Access project view directly from the list view or using keyboard shortcuts
• Focus filters and sort options can be applied separately to individual projects using Project View

• Manage tags within Tag Groups.
• Easily assign tags to tasks and vice versa.
• Leverage the easy to use yet powerful integration of Tags & Smart Lists to filter on frequently managed tasks.
• Find Used vs. Unused tags with a click.

• Easily create, edit and assign locations to tasks
• Create powerful Smart Lists based on Locations

• Stay in sync with multiple Macs and mobile devices running 2Do using your favorite sync method over fast and reliable Push Sync: Dropbox, Reminders (CalDAV), 3rd Party CalDAV Servers (iCal, Fruux, ownCloud etc) or Toodledo.
• Using Dropbox, you can keep multiple devices in sync seamlessly. Devices can be added / removed at any time.
• Using Reminders CalDAV sync you can keep 2Do and Reminders in sync as well as create tasks using Siri.
• Unobtrusive automatic background sync supported for Dropbox, Reminders (CalDAV) and CalDAV.

• Save your thoughts as they come to you. Using a global hotkey, Quick Entry allows you to add tasks from any app or any Space.
• 2Do does it right. Quick Entry works even if 2Do was not launched or is not running in the background.

• Works just the way Quick Look does in Finder or other built-in OS X apps. Use the spacebar to zoom in and out of a task to preview notes, multi-line titles or other details attached to your tasks.

• Stay on top of your tasks with alarms and notifications. Supports Notification Center as well as a built-in notification system which works even when 2Do is *not running*.
• Set up automatic alarms for your tasks.

• Your life is a private affair. Manage it by locking out individual lists or the whole app with a single click.

• 2Do values your tasks. Periodic automatic backups are created for you which can be transferred from one machine to another or from the iOS version of 2Do to the Mac and vice versa.
• Save & restore of external backups

• Adding and editing tasks is blazing fast using in-place editors and popovers
• 2Do supports both mouse users, by offering them numerous shortcuts, as well as keyboard power-users by supporting dozens of keyboard shortcuts
• 2Do won't slow down over time

What’s New

Version 2.6.16

* Improved connectivity with Custom CalDAV servers
* Reverted a recent behavioral change to repeating tasks with both start / due dates when "Repeat on completion" was set. Only the due date is now primarily selected for the next occurrence.
* Ongoing stability and performance improvements

Ratings and Reviews

LwksNpt ,

Wish I’d starting using 2Do sooner

After spending many, many years using a different, well known, application for my [intensive] task management, I finally got fed up with some of its problems and limitations and, before following its upgrade path, decided to take the plunge and give 2Do a try. Gosh, I sure wish I’d started using 2Do years ago.

It’s always extremely difficult (and the cause for great apprehension) whenever considering a move from something that you’ve been using for YEARS and, in this case, that happens to control your daily life. You never realize how much you do completely automatically without even looking (especially if you’re a keyboard user and not a mouse user) until you’re trying to use something else. Much to my surprise and delight, making this change was a relative breeze. I’ve found 2Do to be more powerful, have more useful features, be better looking and has the ability to be substantially more customized by the user than the previous app I’d been using. During the trial period I experienced what seemed to be a glitch and I contacted the developer. I found the support to be absolultely GREAT. “Jerry" replied immediately (and was even actually willing to speak on the telephone from another country in order to get to the root of the problem).

I’m thrilled to now be using 2Do as my main task management application and even more pleased with the amazing support I've received during the first few weeks of using it.

Eighty-seven15 ,

Best fully-functional to-do app out there… but...

I have relied on this app for a long, long time. Every time I try another app, I come crawling back to this one. It’s got every function for tasks, and it makes you wonder why other task managers are so weak on the features. Some don’t even have due dates! Most others will charge you money for a search feature, start dates, recurring features, etc. Most lately will insist on a subscription in order to unlock what ought to be the most basic of features. I really appreciate the pay-once-and-use-it model. I also like that it synchronizes between my devices, and in using iCloud sync, I can use Siri to add tasks into 2do (although the built-in reminders app is utterly useless). My major complaint is that I can’t get these tasks anywhere on a windows machine. I use mac at home, but windows at work, and I feel forced to find another, lesser app, in order to get stuff done at work, and that’s where I most need this app! I wish there were a solution, whether a windows app, a web-browser version with the familiar interface, or something! It wouldn’t have to store my data, which I’d happily continue to store in iCloud. It would just need to read the data, and present it in a browser. I won’t mark-down the rating because this app truly deserves all 5 stars, but this one shortcoming is quite substantial and might drive an enthusiastic user into the clutches of another app instead.

Luhmann ,

The only app for seriously busy people

A lot of task managers look pretty, and some have more features, but none combine elegance with flexibility in a way that meets my needs … except for 2Do! This is the only app capable of managing my busy life. I am a teacher and have to prepare for class each week. I can set a due date for each week’s lesson, as well as a “duration” which tells the app exactly how many days before class I want to start preparing. That means that I only see what I need to work on this week, but also know that when next week comes around I won’t be caught unprepared. I can also set up weekly tasks that repeat every week but which I can “pause” over the summer months when I don’t need to worry about them. And I can set up reminders that go off when I’m at school so I dont forget to do them when needed.

UPDATE: I wrote this review a long time ago, and continue to depend on 2Do as my main task manager. Since I wrote the review 2Do has gotten much better at sync with large databases via Dropbox, which makes it work even better for me. I still am not happy with the current implementation of capturing emails, I still wish that worked better. And I also find that I wish it was easier to move between views. If you find an item via a search or smart folder and click “target project view” the search filters are still applied which can be annoying as they might hide items in the project unless you remember to clear the search.


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OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor


English, Catalan, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Norwegian Bokmål, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Traditional Chinese

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