2FA Authenticator (2FAS) Ratings and Reviews

4.7 out of 5
19.5K Ratings

19.5K Ratings

CowboyDiplomacy1 ,

Exactly What I Wanted!

I was getting fed up with all of the cheap React Native and Cordova 2FA apps. Was about to write me own, how hard can it be? Did one more search to see if I could find something that was native iOS and supported iCloud, and tried this app out. IT’S EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED! To the point, not always trying to sell me stuff, high quality native iOS, simple, and stores data on iCloud instead of some mysterious “just trust us 😉” third party service. I have only a single gripe, but extremely minor. Could you please make the 2FA codes collapse to hide until clicked on, and style each cell in the UITableView to be more like the bubble tiles seen on the App Store’s home view? You’re awesome!

Developer Response ,

Thank you! You'll be happy to hear that we are currently working on feature you've mentioned :)

C cypher ,

Update request. Read the reviews and let us know how things are going.

The reviews were perfect. Pointing out issues a new client will have and then addressing the issue turns this into a help feature. People need full service. The world that shunned technology is running this way. Let this be a lighthouse app. One that offers assistance to all the crazy people that don’t know that their adhd is preyed upon by ads. Showing the progress of the people and the issues they were having. Showing us the value of a place where sharp people are drawn to shore safely by shedding light on impending danger. I’m a flesh and blood, living, breathing human being. That means I’m weird, confused, and making progress because I made it here. For some people, this is progress. I am some people. I went ahead and shared the rough draft. However, this is my review of the comments since I haven’t decided on an app yep. Thanks in advance;) Give us an update of what can we look forward to in the wake of emerging technologies. Where can we get in front of the wave? Web Surfing in 2022.

Developer Response ,

In this day and age such reviews are very rare. You're a bicon of hope on the see of all boring reviews :) Hope you'll like our app too :)

iluvmusic29 ,

Has almost everything I want in an 2FA app

This app has a nice UI, is intuitive and easy to use, and the file backup is a nice addition that I’ve only ever seen on computer apps or browser extensions. The biggest issue I have with it is that when I turn on Face ID, it doesn’t quite ask for the Face ID every time I open the app. If I want a protected app that asks for Face ID at all, it defeats the purpose for me if it doesn’t ask for my face even AFTER I TURN THE PHONE OFF AND TURN IT BACK ON. This is one of the hugest reasons that I deleted the app and opted for another authenticator app. The other reason is that I wish there was an option to omit an icon/badge/label altogether. This is picky, I know, but I either want every entry to have a logo icon or I want none of them to. And this app doesn’t have the ability to get rid of the icons.

Developer Response ,

Hi, thanks for the review. I'll forward the idea about no icons to the team, and I'm sure we will have it in future updates. Now the FaceID. If you use it to unlock your phone, it authorizes our app to unlock because your phone knows that you still have it in your hand and doesn't need additional unlocking. When FaceID unlock actually happens on our app, it's so fast that most of the time, it's almost unnoticeable. So it's Ios that authorizes our app, and we can't change the Ios system and fight against it is not wise. Please reconsider coming back to us! 😊

GHDP 50 ,

Fantastic 2FA app

No account sign up required, lightweight, functional, good design, and iCloud sync so your tokens are securely backed up. There’s not much more to say. The app has frequent updates for new features/bug fixes. For example, I experienced the iPad Face ID bug, it was promptly fixed in a couple weeks. One suggestion, include an option (or make it the default option) to require Face ID authentication every time you open the app when it’s enabled. Right now, if you authenticate through Face ID, it allows anyone to open the app for an undisclosed amount of time. My current workaround is to force close the app after I copy my token. Keep up the good work.

Developer Response ,

Thank you for the feedback and the review! I'll forward what you said about Face ID to the dev team and we'll look into it. 😊

Derek Wei ,

Good but some improvements recommended

The app is fabulous amongst apps in the same category. It is very easy to use.

But there are some improvements needed for those who manage a plenty of accounts. Accounts are usually added into different categories. However classifying them can only be done by clicking edit and then moving an account across the long list of accounts. It’s terrible!

If I click “edit” I can enter into detail page of each account in which we can change name, choose icon and etc. Would you mind make it possible to choose the category of an account in the detail page? Thanks.

Developer Response ,

Hey! Thanks for the review, we're thrilled you like it. Thanks for the feedback on the categories section, we're always looking to make everything more accessible and easy to navigate. We are planning to add something like that in future updates! :)

Pull Weeds ,

Works flawlessly

Never have had a problem with this app (2FAS Auth). So nice not to be bombarded with useless ads and information within the app. Never had a problem with getting codes or using them. My phone disappeared for several hours earlier this year when my husband was in the hospital. So thankful I had this app and use it for really important information. For whatever reason, someone “found” my phone & turned it in to Security. If you want extra security on your devices, this app is a great solution!

Developer Response ,

It is delightful to hear such positive words and it’s always a pleasure to serve our users.

XxiAnGeL ,

Had a scare!

I upgraded my phone recently and when I opened the app all my tokens were gone despite the fact that “iCloud sync” was turned on. I even looked for the backup file myself on the phone and iCloud myself and couldn’t find the file to see if it was saved automatically (I never did it manually), and I couldn’t find anything. I literally panicked. In a last ditch effort, I had to UNSELECT iCloud sync and then RESELECTED it, and then, all my tokens came back. This has never happen before (I’ve upgraded the phone multiple times). Just thought I’d pass this on to others if this happens to you. I don’t know if this is a glitch or what but it made me mad as I thought I was screwed. Oh yeah—- made multiple copies of the backup file now! 😳😳

Developer Response ,

Restoring everything from iCloud, especially on a new phone, may sometime take quite a lot of time, and possibly in this situation, our app was pushed down to the bottom of the list. We have tested everything multiple times, and all the codes always come back. Your approach just "forced" the phone to do it immediately.

ldinino ,

Amazing app, love it to death… but

Could we please have an Apple Watch companion app? It’s an amazing app, exactly how a 2FA app should be. No in-app purchases, no ads, offline backups, iCloud syncing (if you want). Best ever, hands down. I just wish we could have an Apple Watch companion. Even if it just lists the top four or five codes, it would be so useful to have them sync up with my phone. Are there any plans for that?

Update (Dec 10, 2021):

You guys are awesome 💕 keep it up.

Developer Response ,

Thank you so much for your feedback! We're happy that you enjoy our app 😊 We're actually planning to have an Apple Watch companion app, stay tuned 😉

Jack Ver Straate ,

Amazing Application! (Also Request for Devs)

Hey, first of all love the app! Light years better than Google’s and Microsoft’s, and the interface is so sleek! I really do love it! I do have one request though, if you guys could add the brand icon for Keeper Password Manager that would be amazing! Totally not expecting it lol, but that would be cool if you can, or maybe add a feature to import .svg files to make custom brand icons? Again, thanks for creating this amazing app!

Developer Response ,

Thank you so much for joining our 2fas community and leaving such a review! ❤️ It's like music to our ears! We'll inform our Dev Team about the missing icon 😊

Path 🌠 ,

This App Has Massive Potential, But Theres One Key Missing Feature

I Love The Design Of This App & I Was Going To Switch From Authy, But Theres One Key Feature That I Wish It Had.

Now I Totally Understand That It Gets Backed Up In ICloud, But I Would Prefer If You Can Make An Account Where You Can Log In As Backup Just Incase Something Goes Wrong That Requires Your Email & Phone Number, Just Like The Authy App.

Other Than That, I Love The App & Design. I Am Not Sure If This Will Ever Be Added, But I Would Definitely Switch If It Does!

Developer Response ,

If we figure out how to do that without sacrificing customer privacy (the most important thing for us), then we will do it. Thanks for the feedback! 😊